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his love for dirt, rocks, sticks + his sister

his love for dirt, rocks, sticks + his sister

This past summer, I finally pulled out my Nikon.  Yay!!

The kids were LOVING playing in the dirt and rocks outside, especially my little guy, so of course, I had to follow him around, savoring him, do, just that! 

There's nothing better, than a boy with dirt on his face and rocks in hand, right? Ha! 

Don't let his cute face fool you!  He's about to throw, what he calls, 'pixie dust,' at me (AKA, dirt and rocks!)...oh yeah! 

Yep!! He's about to get me!! And, yes, I had to keep telling him to stop and why "we don't throw rocks" over and over as I ran away from him. Rocks hurt! 

I'm SO glad I captured some of his infamous 'faces' that he does.  He cracks us up when he does this!! 

Dirt really IS the best toy, right!? 

OK...now I can oooooooohhhhh and awwwwwww over his cute face!! :):) 

Even while he's STILL throwing dirt and rocks at me.  He's lucky he's CUTE!!!

Oh, these moments...they always melt my heart.  


He, then, he found sister and they got spooked by something in the back corner...I think they said, "I saw a beeeeeeee!!!" 

But, he just thought sister was chasing him.  LOL! 

Until he sat in the corner and realized she wasn't behind him, but was over yonder playing and making him laugh.  (those boots, on the wrong feet, his superman shirt and the dirt on face...OMG!!...the best!!)

He joined sister on the wagon, which I get SO nervous when they do this!! 

But, they're just SO cute when they're just BEing kids!! 

Sister...looking all grown up!!! Eeeeeeee!!! 

And, brother!!! Oh, the cuteness they both fill my heart with!! I can never get enough!!

Until, he starts coming at me with a BIG stick!! Aaaaah!!!!

Oh, but then I'm back to my, "awwwwwwww" thoughts, because I love little hands checking out new and fun things that belong to nature. 

And, then, back to rock digging it is, but this time, with a bucket! 

That face!! I caught it again! LOVE IT!! 

And, then, sister joined him!! No dirt on her face though. Girls! :) 

I had NO idea that I was capturing her checking out her bandaid and boy, was I just SO, SO happy that I was able to get this moment, because ever since she figure out what bandaids are, I think when she was 1 or 2, she has NEVER stopped LOVING them!! Never!

Bandaids make everything better for her! Now, her brother, he'll put them on for a second and then take them right off. He's definitely NOT into them as much as her. I LOVE their uniqueness!! 

Then, her bandaid turned into a face that does NOT look happy! 

Because brother was starting to come close to her!! Oh boy!! She's NOT happy about this AT ALL! LOL! 

Because brother does what he does best!!  Makes her mad!!!! 


And then he's hit with the cat claws and cat hisssssssss!!!! Which, is really a big, loud, ROAR!!!!

And now, he's NOT happy and now, I stop taking pictures to help soothe cries and hurts! 

But, we know he only did that to her because he LOVES her, right!? Maybe she'll understand when she's.....uh, let's say...30! Ha!  

Oh, siblings!!! Always keeping me on my toes!! Something this only child has definitely had to get used to.  

Until next time...


Why take pictures beyond special eventful moments, like birthdays and holidays? Because, the camera easily pulls you out of your to-do list head and back into the present moment, so what matters most to your busy mama heart can be savored (fully enJOYed!) right now and for many years to come. Something that's very hard to do when your mind is running five miles ahead or behind the present moment. 




life is love

life is love