Weekend Savors | Home Fun with Color + Play

Because the week is filled with hectic schedules and not as much family time as I'd like, I love love LOVE to savor our family togetherness through the lens on the weekends. This is the most special time because we're all together the entire weekend and being with my family (and capturing it all) is my number one passion of all. :)

This weekend I didn't go anywhere!! Oh, I just LOVE weekends like this. While home all weekend, with my little family I savored (through my iPhone lens), C reading books to her lil' bro when I thought she was getting ready for school on Friday morning.   Awwwwweeeee...it's moments like these that truly melted my heart.

Saturday morning, D took C out on a bunch of errands and when Luca went down for his nap I spent some time tweaking my FREE eBook that I have out.  This felt SO good because it's been on my  mind for quite some time, but I haven't had a big chunk of time to sit down and work on it. Next up, tweaking the content of the ebook.  Woot! Woot!

That afternoon, D worked out in the yard.  Spring is on it's way!! HOORAY!!!  C started out there with him, but then came in to wash her hands from playing in the dirt.  Then they both spotted D outside and were banging on the window while saying "DADDY!! DADDY!! DADDY!!" Oh, I just LOVE watching their excitement for him!! :)

That night, C asked me to color with her.  C colored Ariel while I had some fun with Olaf. Fun FUN! :)

The next morning, while lounging around on the couch, these two were running around chasing each other while pretending to be witches. LOVE!!!

Then Daddy had to do some work in the other room and C got all comfy and watched another favorite movie of hers...the Wizard of Oz.

Later on, Luca brought his toy up on the couch, and put it right on C's foot.  Yep...she wasn't a happy camper at all.  Brothers!! Can't live with 'em...can't life without 'em! ( Luca had NO idea that he upset her...ha!)

C was still pretty bummed that Daddy was working in the other room, so right when I put Luca down for his nap, we got our paint on.  A future blog post on this is coming...wonderful...WONDERFUL creations were had!! Let's just say she wasn't bummed anymore after finishing! :)

Then the day was ended with C putting every single stuffed animal we own in Luca's crib.  Guess she misses her crib.  Poor Luca...he can't get int there by himself yet. ;)

So tell me...

What did you SLOW DOWN +  SAVOR this weekend?

Until next time...

Life IS so so good...SAVOR it up!

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