{Slow Down Mama!} Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot Water!

Do you remember my post, My Life on Water? Well, I have to tell ya, I'm still struggling with my relationship with water.  I've decided it's time to take the Slow Down Mama! series to another level.

I need to check in more with my slow down soul food (yes, slowing down is food for the soul that doesn't always come with a plate and fork) that I'm posting here on my blog('cause many of the one's I've posted here need some extra tender loving care!).

I feel that this will help me stay more connected to my slow living passion.

Each Wednesday, I'm gonna check in with my monthly slow down soul food struggles and celebrations (I'll have a new one for each month!).  Sound good?  Awesome!

Since I've noticed that I'm still struggling with getting my water down, I've also noticed that this is a HUGE sign that is blinking in bright red letters: Nurture Yourself Renee!

It's amazing how I fill up my glass or water bottle and leave it unattended for hours without taking no more than one or two sips (oh, the mommy life distractions!) This would happen ESPECIALLY when D was gone, too.

Yesterday, while I was cleaning around the house putting away all my holiday cheer, I made myself stop and sip my water. Usually I'd clean and clean without taking a sip.  I was super proud of myself, but I definitely have to keep this up everyday.

Now that it's colder out, I make myself hot water and sip it all day (well, I try too!). Lately, I heat it up and leave it on the stove for hours and then once I realize I want it, it's cold again. Dang!

Hot water does AMAZING things for the body.  It detox's the body by cleansing out the digestive system and it also flushes out the lymphatic system.

It's more hydrating than drinking cold or room temperature water, too (because after it's been boiled it's super pure and is soaked up immediately in the body once sipped).

If you add lemon to your hot water, you get double the detox bang! The lemon acts like soap to scrub the tissue and the hot water becomes the cleansing rinse.

You can also add goji berries (instead of lemon) for a fun, sweet, superfood treat, too.  After they sit in the water for a little bit, they get all plump and juicy (omg! SO, SO good and SO, SO yum!).

Wanna know how you can tell if you're dehydrated?Sip on some hot/warm water.  Check in 10 to 15 minutes later.  Are you craving it? Want more?  This is your body's way of telling you that it's thirsty and to give it more hot water so it can hydrate you and drain your lymphs.  Pretty cool, right!  If you're not craving it or don't feel the need to drink more, you're hydrated! High five! Yeah!

And, the best part, it warms you up on crisp cool day(s) during the winter.

Don't hesitate to ask for just plain hot water when you go to a restaurant, too.  I do it all the time and I get a kick out of the looks I get.  Uh, what did you just say?  You want what?  Who the heck drinks just plain hot water? Weird!  And, yes, these exact words come out of my husband a lot, too! :)

I absolutely love it and I crave it! And, the best part, sipping helps me slow down! Yippee!

So my slow down soul food this month is to get my life back on water.

I'll let you know how it's going next Wednesday!

Are you sippin' with me?  If so, let me know how it's working for you!  If you have any questions, ask away! :)

{life is hydrating}