How My Birthday Doodle Came To Be...

Last Sunday was my birthday! Oh yeah!

I always have lots of fun with my husband when my birthday comes around.

Like, for instance, I'll tell him over and over (if my bday falls during the week) that "It's my birthday WEEK!" and he'll say...

"No, it's your birth-DAY! DAY! It's one DAY"!

And, I ALWAYS say back, "Nope! Birthday WEEK! WEEK! WEEK"! :)

Well, since my bday fell on a Sunday this year, I had to remind him that just like when everyone says, "4th of July weekend", it's the same thing with my bday.

4th of July was on a MONDAY this year, but everyone still says "4th of July WEEKEND!" so it's the same thing with my bday, right!?


Birthdays are meant to be celebrated.

Just because I'm a BIG KID now, doesn't mean the celebrations have to be short and sweet.

I owe it all to my co-teacher friend, whom I taught 3rd grade with in Florida and who modeled this birthday celebration mindset to me (she's older than me, only by a few years, and she LOVES her bday).

When I was younger, I didn't think I'd celebrate so much after 30, but thanks to my co-teaching friend, whom I LOVE dearly, taught me that birthdays ARE a BIG deal, no matter what the age...thanks Punch! :)

I thought, "She's SO freakin' right."

And from then on, I decided I wasn't going to focus on, "Man, I'm getting old.  This sucks. Blah. Blah. Blah" thoughts, and I haven't since.

I mean, we're all here to have the most rockin' time, so why not celebrate that day that we came here to show our stuff, in the most rockin' way.

SO, I'm very proud to say that I've enjoyed EVERY birthday after 30 so far, and I'm gonna keep it that way.

One of the things I've added to my bday celebrations is listening to my own ipod bday mix.  I play it all day, week and weekend (depending on when my date falls..hehe!).

And this year, I added a doodle to the celebration, too!

But, I have to tell ya, I didn't plan on adding a doodle to it from the get-go.

Saturday night, Bday Eve, I was doodling in bed.

The doodle pictured  below to be exact.

I started out just putting my colored pencil to paper for 3 to 5 seconds and just drew swirly lines all over, without picking up the pencil.

After those 3 to 5 seconds, I stopped and then I began to doodle whatever came to mind in the circles I made.

I started with the green swirly lines, and then the yellow and purple lines with the teeny tiny purple circles in them.

Can you see them?

THEN, I went to another area and did polka dots and I FELL IN LOVE!

I thought, "Dang! I should have done this entire doodle with different colored circles".

It just felt SO calming, SO fun and SO festive than the lines did to me.

So I did the rest of it that way (except for that little blue zig-zag line on the top, between the light pink and hot pink polka dot circles...can you see it?  It says D O O D L E in red.  That was my husband.  He's trying SO hard to keep his inner kid all cooped up, but I know he SO wants to doodle with me.  His inner kid is craving it! I just know it.  He started with the blue line first. Gave me the pencil back, and then he says, "Oh, no wait! I want to add something!"  I said, "SEEEEE, you know you want to doodle.  It's like pringles. Once you start, you can't stop!"  He said, "No!"  I said, "Yes!" and then I told him "Life's a Doodle" and then he left the room.  I know he SO wants to doodle. LOL!) and I LOVELOVELOVED it.

So on Sunday, my bday, I sat down the entire time during Lil' C's nap and doodled this. 

(My left brain wanted to do so many other things, like work on my business, because it's so set up to do that when she naps, but my right brain said "NO! It's your birthday, take this time for YOU and melt away in the colors so you can enJOY the rest of the day to the fullest!").

And I allowed myself to listen. :)

Oh man, did it make me smile.

It felt SO right. SO fun. SO happy!

And, oh, so birthday celebratory worthy!

It's now officially my new favorite doodle and it'll always remind me of birthday celebrations.

I actually can't stop looking at it.  I'll open my art journal and just soak in the colors and just smile.

In a way, it looks like a bunch of balloons, don't'cha think?

Well, it does to me, in a way. Ha! :)

It's amazing what my right brain does for me.

I was just doodling for some calming, mindless, creativity activity fun, and this is what it brought to me.

Lots of colors, smiles and a new way of celebrating my birthday!  Woohoo!

SO cooooool!

Wanna add some mindless, creativity activity to your life that'll bring you smiles and oh, so good feelings?  Try this! You'll LOVE it! Promise!

Until next time...

{life's a doodle!}