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{Inspire Me Monday} I Am Beautiful!

{Inspire Me Monday} I Am Beautiful!


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I am beautiful.
My eyes are beautiful.
My stomach, which was home for Camille for 9 months, is beautiful.
My legs are beautiful.
My skin is beautiful.
My hair is beautiful.
My laugh is beautiful.
My nose is beautiful.
My teeth are beautiful.
My feet are beautiful.
My heart is beautiful.
My voice is beautiful.
My body weight is beautiful.
I am beautiful.

Right now, after reading what I wrote above, you're probably wondering what the heck is she writing or wow she's full of herself.  So what gives and why is she writing that? You see, just like the media can focus on the negative, I can sometimes focus on the negative about myself.  Or I hear others focusing on the negative things about themselves. Things like: I'm fat. She's SO much prettier than me.  She's SO much skinner than me. I hate my legs. My hair looks awful today.  My skin is disgusting. I'm having a bad hair day.  I can't eat that because I'll get fat. I need to go on a diet.  My feet are ugly.  Do any of these sound familiar to you?

Well, for me, these thoughts can come and go. Sometimes they can be quiet and other times they can be loud. Either way, they can determine the outcome of the day.  What really gets me down is that as a society, too many women (and men) compare themselves to others (me included).  We tend to focus on looking like someone else, instead of focusing on our own unique beauty.  It's VERY difficult to focus on our own beauty when we focus on things that we label more beautiful than ourselves. And, if we're not loving who we are, then our mind is more vulnerable to negative thoughts.

This past weekend I was getting a complimentary cut, shampoo and style at my hair salon. A few women were there and they were talking about botox and other things.  My stylist said she hated her nose in pictures and would love to change it. As soon as she said that, I told her, we are so hard on ourselves. She agreed.  We truly pick out everything we don't like about ourselves and make it known.  Wouldn't it be nice to sit around a salon and hear others talk about features they do like about themselves? Yes, this may come across as conceited, but really, this is what women (and men) need more than anything.  We need uplifting conversations and we need to know it's OK to say, I love me!

I'm ready for  change!  I'm ready for a shift!  We need to start being mindful of how we speak to ourselves and how we treat ourselves. I know I talk a lot about the nourishment of food, but we really need to work on the nourishment of our mind.  You could be eating the healthiest foods, but if you're constantly bashing your body, you will never lose the weight, feel better, or have the natural high energy levels that you crave.

Do we really want to live our entire lives focusing on the parts of our bodies that we don't like and want to change?  Heck no! I sure don't! My grandmother passed away this past March from Alzheimer's disease, and this past weekend I heard news that my former hairstylist in Florida passed away from battling cancer for year. She was only 54.  I know that both of them would give anything to be back in their bodies just one more time so they could see their loved ones again.  I know for a fact they wouldn't want to come back worrying about the shape of their bodies or how they look.  They would just be content knowing they have one more chance to smile, to laugh, to talk, to hug,  to say I love you.

Along with being grateful, it's so important to focus on loving thoughts toward our bodies. No more comparing ourselves to others (because truly we are all here to enjoy life, we're all unique, and we're all here to support and serve each other). No more bashing parts of our bodies body that we don't like.  No more, if only I'd lose 10 more pounds I'd look better. No more! This will be hard because those negative thoughts will come up, but once becoming aware of them, it gets easier to replace them with a loving thoughts.

For example, if I catch myself saying, I feel fat today.  I will change it to, I take care of myself and I feel good.

It took time for those negative thoughts to build their home, so it will take time for the positive thoughts to build over them. Working on it everyday will be important. So maybe instead of working out harder on the treadmill, depriving yourself of foods you love, weighing yourself, counting calories, figuring out portion sizes...why not slow down, enjoy life and maybe get a journal, and begin to write...

I am beautiful.
My knees are beautiful.
My face is beautiful.
My nails are beautiful.
My eyebrows are beautiful.
My hands are beautiful.
My wrists are beautiful.
My ears are beautiful.
My smile is beautiful.
My life is beautiful.
I am beautiful.

Or whatever makes YOU beautiful.  It may be difficult at first, but once you keep doing it, it will get easier and you will start to believe it more and more.  I promise!  A shift will happen. :)

If you'd like more beautiful inspiration, check out this awesome site called Operation Beautiful. If you haven't heard of it, it's a must see! The point of it is: We are all beautiful!

I also posted the Dove Evolution commercial below.  This will show you one of the reasons why we focus on outer beauty and why our image of beauty has become distorted.



Here's my Monday inspiration for you: You are beautiful no matter what words YOU or anyone has said.  Life is beautiful and it starts with you! Your inner beauty!  So get out there and live life beautifully!  I will, too! :)

When's the last time you looked in the mirror with loving eyes and thoughts?

{life is beautiful}

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