{Inspire Me Monday} I Survived!

Happy 2011!  It's been awhile since I last posted and I'm happy to say that I'm "officially" back!

A lot has been going on, which I'm sure you might have guessed since I've been slacking BIG TIME in the blog department.  So why the slacking?  Well, it all comes down to this little phrase: I SURVIVED 10 WEEKS AS A SINGLE MOMMY!

Yep, you read right.  I was a single mommy for 10 weeks because my husband left me (don't worry I still love him! Hehe!) for a very good reason.

I didn't want him to leave (I was actually dreading when the day would finally come) but because he's officially out of law school (as of last May) and now a Coast Guard lawyer, he was required to go to Newport, Rhode Island for Coast Guard lawyer training.

He left C and I on October 9th and returned home on December 18th. And, boy, I am the happiest mama ever,  now that he's back with us!  It wasn't all rainbows and sunshine, that's for sure.  But I'm very happy to say that I survived and now it seems like he never left.

I tried my hardest to keep the blog going while he was gone. I was doing an awesome job at the beginning, but soon after October, the slacking began.  I was pretty exhausted at night and I knew I had to cut back on my computer time.

The first thing to go was my Gratitude 365 Photo Project (man was I bummed about that, but I'm super stoked to get it up and running again!).  

Next up, Foodie Friday.  Then it was my article day (which is Thursday). And then I pretty much stopped blogging all together.  I did seem to keep my Slow Down Mama! series going (woohoo!) because I was craving it more than ever during those 10 (long) weeks.

There's SO much I want to share about my experience as a single mommy: the good and the bad. I

think it's SO important to let other single parents and military spouses know that they're not alone and that people out there "get it" because it truly is the hardest job EVER (especially when you've just moved to a new city and you don't have any family or friends around).

I have mad respect for all single parents out there and all military spouses whose wife or husband deploys for 6 months or longer (If you're a military spouse who has longer deployments than 10 weeks, I know you're probably saying to yourself, ha, 10 weeks is nuthin'! Again, I bow down to you with so much respect! :)).

I have some awesome stuff to share on this subject. Like  how I was able to get breakfast, lunch and dinner on the table everyday for 10 weeks straight (we only ate out when we had family come for a visit. I'm SO not kidding!)

How I made it through some breakdowns. How I began to truly listen to my nurturing needs (I slowed down more than ever!).  How I made the best of being on my own (I literally haven't been "single" since college).  And, most importantly, how I truly learned more about myself than ever (good stuff!).

I hope you'll stay tuned, because I have lots of goodies to share!

I also have lots in store for my blog and business, too (since I'll be able to keep my eyes open after 7 pm now!).

But for today (for Inspire Me Monday!),  I just want to end with what's truly inspiring me today and everyday.

As you have read, I have a new found respect for all single parents and all military spouses out there, and really just ALL parents in general. Children truly light up lives, but the only way they can do that is by having an adult to take care of them.  

We adults don't have as much time to ourselves like we did before having our kiddos, which can make life seem just a tad bit harder.  But when we have a spouse, friend or family member to help out, it truly does make all the difference in the world.  There's nothing better than having support!

I'm truly inspired by all parents, all single parents and all parents who have to leave their families for quite some time. It's not only hard for the parent who is home with the child/children, but it's also hard for the parent who is away, too!

Which leads me to my inspiration - my inspiration for my husband who works SO hard for his family. I'm getting allgiddy just thinking about all that he's done for Camille, Rusty (our doggie!) and I.  Gosh, I love him more than words can say!

My inspiration for daughter  (who's 17 months today!) who truly loves EVERY bit of life! Who is present more than ever,  and who reminds me to stop and smell the roses on a daily basis.

My inspiration for my dog ( which, I'll admit, drove me a little nuts during those 10 weeks) who protects us no matter what and makes me laugh every day.

And, lastly, my inspiration for my family and friends who give support when you don't even ask for it. Gosh, what a feeling that gives you! Incredible!

I couldn't of made it without my inspirations!  And I thank each and every one of you!

So, what about you?  Has anything or anyone inspired you lately?  If so, how did it make you feel?  I bet awesome, right!? Life is truly inspirational when you really stop and think about it.  Even if it's good or bad, all of it is inspiring, well, at least in my opinion it is. :)

I hope you had a fabulous holiday and an amazing start to the new year! I definitely did and I can't even tell you how happy I am to have my little family back together again.  It feels SO good!

I leave you with two of my favorite people who inspire me more than ever (We all finally watched Toy Story 3 together.  Ah, it was SO nice! :)).

Lots of love and Happy New Year!

{life inspires!}