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{Inspire Me Monday!} Inner Child Fun

{Inspire Me Monday!} Inner Child Fun


When's the last time you let lose?  Skipped? Ran to your significant other when he/she walked into the door to say hello? Picked up sticks in the backyard?  Sat in a pile of leaves?  Or even just explored what's in your backyard with your inner "kid" eyes?

For me...a long time ago!

My baby girl inspires me everyday to reconnect with my inner child.

As I watch her climb into boxes. Sit under my desk.  Run around my (what I would  probably say boring) patio and yell one-year-old words through the screen.

Pick up sticks (by the way, I used to love that game!) in the backyard and run around with them.  Explore mulch.  Sit in leaves and pick them up.  Run to her Daddy as soon as he walks in the door.  And, immediately dance to the sound of music as soon as it is heard.

Watching her reminds me that I used to be the exact same way.   We all were!

What happened?

Uh, being an "adult" and following "adult" rules happened.

Yes, I believe we all need to do our daily "adult" duties, but I also believe we all need to reconnect with our inner child, too.

Being around C allows me to do just that, which is why she inspires me SO much and helps me to let lose and BE a kid again.  It truly fills me up with tremendous joy!

Last week, we played in the backyard together. We picked up sticks. Chased our dog, Rusty.  Sat down on the rocks and looked at the leaves. Ran in circles. And, sang while we played.

Ohmygosh it was FUN!

I began to remember some of my childhood fun in my parents backyard, too. Like building forts with my dad's wood and my mom's blankets.  Climbing tree's.  Throwing the ball over the roof to other side to my friends.  Playing frisbee. Playing cops and robber's on my bike.  Bored games on the sidewalk.  Hopscotch.  Jump rope....

So, on this day.  On Inspire Me Monday. I inspire you to reconnect with her inner child and see how it feels.

Let lose. Run around. Sing songs as loud as you can in your car with the windows down. Dance.  Jump.  Play in a box.  Anything that your little (child) heart desires.

I guarantee you'll be smiling and feeling good in no time! Promise! :)

And, remember, who cares what people think. Life is way better when you're having fun! :)

Happy Monday!

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