It Always Works Out In the End, Right?

The other weekend, before I photographed my little guy, I was outside snapping C in the sprinkler. I absolutely LOVE moments like these.

When it comes to ME and taking pictures, I get the most JOY with just sitting back and snapping what I SEE while I watch my kids play or explore the world around them.

Lil' Bro  was sleeping, so this was my perfect chance to dust off my NEW DSLR and capture the authentic sprinkler play that big sis was having.

Oh yeah!! That's right!! I have my hands on a NEW Nikon D7000 DSLR thanks to my awesome husband.


Yes, this is a BIG DEAL!   And, I will be honest here...I still can't wait to get my hands on the Nikon D800 or D4.  Patience Renee!  Patience! ;)

I upgraded from the entry-entry-entry (yes, I'm exaggerating here!) level Nikon D3000 that I shot with for over 3 years.

So, yeah, I've had my newbie since December and I've hardly played with it because my hands have been full adjusting to taking care of two little kiddos.

Understandable, right?  Yes, I think so!  All I have to say is thank goodness for my smart phone. GRRRRRATEFULLLL!!!

I was SUPER excited to FINALLY have some time to snap.  Because, yes, lil' bro is FINALLY on a nap schedule.  HIP HIP  HOORAY!!  And, yes, this IS a big deal, too!

I was SO excited because I was able to snap big sis running out with glee to the sprinkler.  It's this moment that I LOVELOVELOVE to savor...the initial excitement is the best ever and always fills me with happy chills.

The entire time I was snapping I was trying to adjust my settings to accommodate mid-day sunshine.

When meant, I upped my shutter speed to the thousands and left my aperture to 1.8 or 2.4...I usually switch this back and forth a lot.  And, last, my ISO was definitely at 100.  Oh, and yes, just in case you're wondering, I do shoot all my photos in manual mode.

This time of day and no shade is not my favorite way to photograph anything...but, to me, I break the photography rules so I can savor this up and remember her excitement down the road.

I continued to snap her excitement as she kept running back and forth before finally taking the plunge to get soaked.  But, man, I was struggling...BIG TIME!

I thought, "Dang!  This is WAY HARDER than taking pics of food.  I NEED more's been WAY TOO LONG!  And you wanna pursue're NUTS!!!"

When I looked through them, I think I got 4 to 5 pics that were in focus.

But, the majority of them looked like this.  Bummer!

I was struggling with my focal points.  It was driving me CRAZY because I never had this problem before.  I always focus right between the eyes of my subject, but for some reason, my camera just wasn't focusing at the points where I was telling it.

Instead, it was focusing on subjects that weren't big sis.  Or, just not locking the focus on her at all.

MAN!!  This was my only time I could play because I only had one kiddo to be with.  I didn't want to stop snapping.  But, I did.

I ran inside so I could read up on my focal points real quick.  Made me realize that I need to find time to read my manual...something I haven't been able to do yet.

And, then, lil' bro woke up.  Double DANG!!  I wanted to get back out there and snap some more that were actually in focus.

But, in the end, I did catch ONE amazing photo!  And that would be this one right here.

These pictures to me are the best!!  When I saw the natural reflection of the sun bouncing off the cement and onto her face to give her the most beautiful glow, that's when I knew to SNAP away, because it's this light and this moment that makes me truly love photography even more.

OH!!  And, guess what??  I did find out to set my focal points to the way I was using them on my old camera, too.  Whew!!

So, yes, everything always does work out in the end, even if you think it's NOT while you're in the middle of it.

This is what I've come to find out with photography (and life!) as well.  I may have more than half that didn't come out, but in the end, I always...ALWAYS have a few that I nailed...and those are all I really need.  

Less is more, right!?  I think so!

So, tell me...

Anytime in your life when you're in the middle of doing something you LOVE and the entire time you think nothing is turning out right, but in the end, you see that it did?  I'd love to know because those moments are the best!!  :) 

Until next time..

Life IS what you love...SAVOR it!