{Slow Down Mama!} It's WATER Check-In Time!

OK! So if you've been following me all month, you know that I've been trying to add more water into my life!

Well, this week I'm gonna start off with the positives of the week (I always fun to start with the good stuff!).

  • My "water" awareness is still going strong. (Hip...Hip...HOORAY!!)
  • I've been filling up my big water bottle before bed every night!  (Go me! It's my birthday! Go! Go! Go!)
  • I've added more hot water to my life than I have in months.  (This is SO awesome b/c I've missed it SO much.  I couldn't drink anything hot while pregnant, so it's literally been almost 2 years since I've consistently drank anything hot).

Here's where I didn't add it in so much:

  • I said I was going to use my zen timer as a reminder.  Um, yeah, totally didn't do that one at all. (Boooooo!)
  • The first half of the week I was doing awesome, but the second half, not so good. (Uh Oh!)
  • My parents left and then with the long weekend (D and I were pretty busy...we, or shall I say, D, painted C's bedroom so I was on "play" and "mommy" duty for most of the weekend!) I wasn't getting as much in as I'd like and I was FEELING the affects! (Oh no!)
  • Last night, after putting C to bed, I was craving water again.  (So you know what that means, right!? I didn't get enough in during the day, which means I was moving too fast!).

But, that's OK!   I'm still very proud of myself because I'm SO much more aware of adding more water to my life than I have been in months.

Taking care of a beautiful baby, a husband, a dog, a house and everything else, sure makes it easy to put myself on the back burner (SO not good!).

Even though I didn't do some of things that I wanted, I didn't beat myself up for it (round of applause!).

Instead, I switched my "awareness" gears by listening to my body screaming out for hydration (um, how many times have I ignored the screams since having baby girl...too many to count!) and picked up right where I left off.

So here's to another week of adding in more water and slowing down!


I'll let you know how this week goes next Wednesday!   And, if you're adding more water to your life, let me know how it's going for you!  I love to talk all things water! :)

{life is refreshing}