{Slow Down Mama!} Just Breathe!

I thought I would re-post some of my Slow Down Mama ideas from the first week I started this fun (and much needed) project.I know I could definitely use the reminder.  It's easy to read something and then forget all about it. Not sure if this happens to you or not, but it definitely happens to me!

I've actually been forgetting to stop and take a few breaths after taking my showers.  I realized this yesterday and started to do it again.  It's great having these neat little tools to go back to when I've seemed to have left them bottom deep of my bag of slow down tricks! :)  

I hope you'll enjoy the refreshers!  I'll be adding them here and there throughout this week and next!   So let's get started!  Here's Day 1!

Do you know that 85% of people gain weight or can't lose weight when they're under stress? And, I'm not talking about high levels of stress such as running away from a bear or studying for a huge exam.  I'm talking about low level stressors, such as your thoughts.  Negative ones to be exact. Thoughts like,  the economy sucks.  The babysitter is going to be late.  I hate my job. I can't eat ice cream (even though I really want it) because I'll gain weight.  Omg! I need a BREAK!  These are called low level chronic stressors and they usually play in the back of your mind over and over without even being aware of it.

I'll be honest.  Right now, I'm experiencing this. We've just moved to a new city.  We're unpacking.  I want to paint my entire house because the colors don't flow with my taste, and my baby girl is keeping me on my toes from 7 am to 8 pm. So when life gets in the way like this, I tend to lack in the self-care department, and then my body and mind begins to yell at me.  (Oh, and by the way, I'm SO in the 85% of weight gain because of stress and I eat wholesome, organic, local home cooked meals everyday!).

Why do we gain weight when it comes to stress (low level stress)? The body has no idea what's going on externally.  It only knows what's going on because of how we're reacting to everyday life.  So if you're having negative thoughts, are fearful or are racing around, the body says, OK, we need some energy here.  The body  then stores fat so it can give you the energy to do what you need to do on a daily basis.   And, let me tell you, this is exactly what's happening to me right now.  I know my body is storing fat so I can have the energy to run after baby girl and then take care of the house and everything else.

Starting today I'm doing something I'd like to call, the Slow Down Mama! project. I want to start adding more self-care into my days as a SAHM. The reason?  Because it's more than just the food.  I'm eating so many great tasting, healthy foods and working out, but I know it's not what my body and mind REALLY want right now. Well, of course it wants good nourishment and movement, but because I'm moving all day, everyday with baby girl and cooking meals all day, everyday, my body is now craving some major slow down nourishment to balance out the pace I've been running at from 7 am to 8 pm.

Slowing down could be something that only takes one minute, 30 minutes or an hour. Some examples: stop and just breathe, sit still, close eyes and focus on breath, meditate, listen to calming music, take a hot bath, go to sleep early and so much more.  I know that the more I do this, the more calm I'll be and the more calm Camille will be. Calm mommy = calm baby and calm daddy! :)

At first I thought I'd start this for the next 30 days.  But, I'd like to do this in baby steps.  So I'm going to start for the next five days. After the five, I will continue on as long as possible.  My goal is to just update here one thing I did to slow down for each day.  If this is something you'd like to do, too, join me!  It'll be fun!  (And, even if you're not a mommy, just living life can have us all flying around, so feel free to join us, too!  We can all use these tools).

I'm pretty excited about this project.  It's been something that's been brewing in my head for quite some time. I even did something today to get started.  When I put Camille down for her nap I'm usually racing into the shower to freshen up as fast as I can because I never know when she's going to wake up.  So today, when I got out, I put the towel over my face lightly and just took a few deep yoga breaths in and out of my nose. While I got ready, I stopped and took another few deep yoga breaths.  I could tell I was rushing and I just needed to slow it down a bit. So once I was ready, I felt more calm and I just knew the breaths benefited me.   Aaaaaah!

So, here's to s-l-o-w-i-n-g d-o-w-n! Cheers!

{life is serene}