{Inspire Me Monday} Keepin' It Real

photo from: weheartit.com

Oh.my.gosh!  Are you watching Oprah's Lifeclasses?  WOW!  I'm so blown away!

I absolutely LOVE Oprah, but I have to say, her last few years, I didn't watch her as much.  My main reason is because I had a newborn, but my other main reason was that I felt she wasn't showing as much inspiration as I'd like.  I felt it was more around the theme of 'down' and 'sad' than 'positive' and 'upbeat'.

When she did the live streaming with Eckhart Tolle a few years back, I was THRILLED and I wanted more of this theme from her.  But, I know, she has to do shows that the public wants.

I watched her last shows.  I mean, how could I not?  This woman is such an inspiration to us all.  And, yes, I loved every minute of her last tapings.

But as soon as she started promoting her Lifeclass, I just knew this was going to be GOOD!

When I watched the episode, The Truth Will Set You Free, Oprah was interviewing Jeannette Walls.  Jeannette said that she asked Gayle the question, "What makes Oprah so special"?  And she answered,

"While she's pulling herself up with one hand, she's pulling others up with the other".

And that's when it hit me.

You see, when I changed my website title from Get Innergized to The Calm Mama, my left-brain, critical thoughts began to take over.  The reason being...I'm not always 100% calm as a mama.  So I thought I wouldn't be my true self if I titled my site with the word calm in it.

But after hearing these words, I realized, that's exactly what I'm doing.  I'm showing my true colors so I can help inspire other mama's to show theirs, all while creating more calm and creativity in their lives.

I'm not one who comes across as perfect, and I don't want to make that impression here on my site.  I have many days that I'm in tears and wondering if I'm handling life as a mama best as I should be.  I crave many days where I just want some alone time that lasts longer than hour or so. I crave unlimited time to pursue my passions.   And, most importantly, I crave time to rejuvenate, de-stress and calm my mind and my body so I can be the best mama I can be.

So as I thought more deeply as to why I'm creating this 'Calm Mama' community, I realized I'm doing this so I can document my journey to living life more calmly - my struggles, experiences and how I get through tough mommy times and awesome mommy times, so I can help inspire others, who may be experiencing the same thing I am.

Because what I want for myself as mama wraps around calm, energy, creativity, nourishment and connection to myself and my passions.  I want to model this to my daughter so she can grow up having this connection and foundation throughout her life (because that means more to me than anything!) as well.

I want to keep things REAL and AUTHENTIC here.  So it's my intention to create a 'Calm Mama' space that's safe for myself and others to truly BE  their 'mama' selves.

So, I thank Oprah for spreading this message, because it really helped me to see that I am being true to myself because I'm sharing with others how and why I chose to live a calm mama life.  And that I don't have to be 100% calm and perfect as a mama to do so.

I have so much to share (even an entire 12-session program with all the ways I'm currently creating calm in my fast paced mama life), so stay tuned!

:: If you're watching Oprah's Lifeclasses, what has been your favorite so far? ::  

For me...I've LOVED them all and all the messages are so powerful to me and are helping me see my journey a little more clearly than before! LOVE that! :)

{keepin' mama life real...one day at a time}