{Slow Down Mama!} Last Water Check-In Time!

OK!  So if you've been following me all month long on my water journey, then you know that today is my last update on adding more water into my life.

Gosh!Is January flying by, or what?

Well, I'm happy to report that water and I have had the most amazing time reconnecting again.

I'm not 100% happy with our relationship, but I'm VERY excited that we're spending way more time together than ever! :)

I'm still:

  • filling up my water bottle before bed and drinking it in the morning upon waking (and filling it as soon as it's empty throughout the day).
  • drinking hot water (mainly in the morning).
  • taking my water bottle everywhere I go and sipping it when my hands are free.
  • REMEMBERING to add more water in throughout the day (my water awareness is awesome these days!).
  • having days that I only drank one or two glasses and feel dehydrated (some days are better than others!).

Part of life is having ups and downs. Strengths and weaknesses. Light and dark...and so on.

But the main thing I've learned is to embrace each and every one of them.

Before January,I was getting upset with myself (way too much!) for not drinking as much water as I'd like because I really miss it (it's my favorite beverage just in case you didn't know).

I was upset with my forgetfulness, my dehydrated feelings and I was blaming my mommy duties on my dehydration problems (shhhh!).

Now, after this month long water journey, I feel more at peace with the days that I may not have sipped as much as I'd like.

Instead of bashing myself, I'm just picking up where I left off.

Here's what I said to myself yesterday: "It's OK if I didn't drink much today...tomorrow is a new day and I'll drink as much as I can with however the day goes."

So, today, I drank my entire water bottle before eating breakfast because C woke up LATE this morning and I had an hour of extra time on my hands. WOOHOO to that! I can't even remember the last time that happened! :)

My life is very different now that I'm a mommy (in an ohsogoodway!).

Let's just say...I'm way more in tune with that old saying, life is always changing.

I experience change every few years with being a military spouse (which has it's ups and downs), but now that I'm a mommy, I experience it on a daily basis.  I never know how the day will go! :)

With my schedule changing more than ever, means I have to MAKE TIME for drinking water (and everything else that keeps me connected to myself!).

It truly is all about "making time" or, shall I say, "finding time" in a mommywithatoddlerworld. :)

Even though this is the last of my updates for the month on water, I won't be stopping after today.

I'll be sure to check in from time to time to let you know how my relationship with water is going.

I hope you'll keep "making" or "finding" time for water with me and I also hope you'll check in and let me know how you're doing, too!

Stay tuned for the next monthly installment on the {Slow Down Mama} series...coming to all blog readers on February 2nd, 2011.

"See" you then! :)

Happy Wonderful Wednesday!

{life is refreshing}