Weekend Savors | Lazy Day, Bird Watching + some NOLA Mother's Day fun

Because the week is filled with hectic schedules and not as much family time as I'd like, I love love LOVE to SAVOR our family togetherness and family moments that I LOVE through the lens on the weekends. This is the most special time because we're all together the entire weekend and being with my family (and capturing it all) is my number one passion of all. 

This weekend, I SLOWED DOWN and SAVORed (through my iphone lens), a little bit of a lazy Saturday, which is always SO, SO nice to have. To me, after a long week, there's nothing better than having LOTS of lazy time on the weekends.  Which, is SO hard to get, as a mama of two under 4.

As I sat on the couch with my feet up (for less than 5 minutes) I couldn't help but SAVOR this little guy, having his number fun on the iPad.  I LOVE watching the JOY on his face as he figures the game out.  SO fun!

Then I looked over, and SAVORed C's JOY, as she watched the birds swarm and feed out of our bird feeder hanging from the tree.  It's hard to see it, but it's hanging on the left side of the tree.

It's SO fun to have the feeder in our yard.  Cardinal's, Blue Jay's, Dove's and Chickadee's visit us all day long.  Makes me smile SO big seeing them LOVE the food out there. They eat it up FAST, too!  It seems like I'm out there every day filling the feeder all the way to the top.  So funny!

The best part of all is hearing the excitement from my kiddos when the STOP to WATCH them as well.

"LOOK, MOM!! There's the Cardinal!!"  I LOVE it!


Later that afternoon, I snuck in some doodle painting time.  Oh, wait 'till you see how this turned out.  My "this sucks" brain was out in full force. Blog post coming this week!! Just wait!! It's a good one!

That evening we went to go fellow Coast Guard "moving away" party.  We had rain all weekend here, but I just couldn't help but SAVOR the way the rain looks from this far out.  There's something SO beautiful when I watch the rain from afar in this away...especially when it's on the water, too.

As our time at the party came to an end, our little one started to get very, very tired.  She's not used to being out late.  Well, neither are we!! HA! But, we may just have to get her one of these in the near future.  She didn't wanna leave this comfy spot.  I don't blame her!! :):)


Yesterday, for Mother's Day, we headed back down the city to have lunch and meet up with our college friend who was in town for the weekend for a conference.  Like always, it was a beautiful drive on the water.  Rain or sun, I could watch the water all day long!!  LOVE!!


We walked around the French Quarter  in between rain storms.  I'm glad we were able to show Jenn some of NOLA's awesome music atmosphere in Jackson Square.  Because if that rain hadn't stopped, we definitely wouldn't have seen much.

Then we headed down Royal Street, one of my favorite streets, and stopped for some more music listening pleasure.  D even walked C over to tip the band.  Awwweee!!

We drank some Hurricane's while we waited for the rain to stop and C had fun trying to catch rain drops in her Pat O'brien's hat.


Then we ended the NOLA sight seeing fun with some beigiet's at Cafe Du Monde.   Yum! Yum!


After a day out on the town, it was back to the couch with my feet up for me! AWW YEAH!!  While the kids watched Mary Poppin's for the third time this weekend. LOVE it!!

(all iPhone pics edited with the PicTapGo App and Instagram filters)

I hope, that you, too, were able to SLOW DOWN and SAVOR moments that you LOVE this past Mother's Day weekend!  

Because, life isn't just about continuing to move as fast as you can to get everything checked off your to-do list.  Life IS  about allowing time for living slow and truly BEing present with the ones you love and all the beautiful moments that fill your day.  It's about SAVORing what you LOVE and what means most to your heart.

So what about you...

What did you SLOW DOWN +  SAVOR this weekend?

Until next time...

Life IS love...SAVOR it up!