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Life IS Awesome, Right?

Life IS Awesome, Right?

For the most part, I like to keep the focus on positivity here, but sometimes, off of here, life isn't so positive. There are ups and downs that come in and out of my life on a daily basis.  Especially this year.

I'm loving every minute of BEing and learning mommyhood, but at the same time, I'm struggling more than I ever have with the military lifestyle that my husband and I live.

Before having my daughter, I thought moving around was pretty exciting.  But this year, I find myself not as excited about it.  I'm actually more homesick than I've ever been.

The reason being, my daughter.

Some days are hard and I wish that I lived closer to my family, so Lil' C can be around her grandparents and her little cousins more.

I wish this, because this is what life was like for me growing up.

I lived in south Florida my entire life. My parents still live in the same house that I was born in (yep! crazy, right?). And the only time I moved away was when I went to college (GOOO GATORS! sorry, couldn't help myself).

Because of this, I wanted to move out of south Florida and explore the amazing world around me.

I met my husband in college and I was excited for the journey I was taking with him after graduating.

I mean, let me tell ya, he's the reason I flew halfway across the world to a tiny island in the Pacific named Guam (when I fear flying).  I really wanted something new and different, and boy, I got it, alright! :)

But now that I'm a mommy, I've noticed the excitement has dimmed a little.  Some days are great, and some days aren't so great.

Some days I wish I could drive over to my parents house and just hang out for a few hours while they connect with their granddaughter.  Some days I wish she was connecting with them I like I did with my Dad's parents.

Some days I wish I could take Lil' C over to my cousin's house so she could play with her little cousin who is one month younger than her (I'm an only child and my cousin is like a big sister to me).

Some days I wish I could take her to all the spots I frequently visited when I was growing up.

But it's times like these, that I have to remember the awesome things. And lately I've been trying to do do just that.

And wouldn't you know, my coach, Michelle Ward, posted a TED link on her blog to this guy named Neil Pasricha, who has written a blog that has turned into a book on the topic of 1000 Awesome Things!

Michelle had a ton of links posted on her blog, and the one that caught my eye first was this one.  It was a sign from the Universe that I needed to hear this message!

I watched the video (FYI - it can be sad at times, but the message behind it is SO, SO good) and it pulled at my heart strings (and when something pulls at my heart strings, I know I have to share it with others).

I then went to his blog, and the current post was about the awesomeness of peeling a hardboiled egg and getting a big chunk of shell, instead of just some teeny tiny one's.

I was like, "YES!  I SO know how awesome that feels!!"

Lately I've been cooking many hardboiled eggs, and I can't even tell you how many times I get poked with the shell when I'm peeling it (and man, does it hurt!).  When I finally get a nice big chunk that peels off oh-so-smoothly, my fingers are I'm literally filled with GLEEEE and relief..ha! :)

When I read him saying that that type of experience is pretty awesome, I was blown away.

I thought, "He's SO right.  It's those little things that truly make life awesome. And it's those little things I don't really label as "awesome".

Sure, I get excited, but I never really said, "Now that's what makes life AWESOME!"

Connecting with this message made me see that I focus a lot on wanting to be back in the comfort of my home state, having my daughter around mine and my husbands families more, having my daughter connecting more with her little cousins, wondering where my husband and I will move to next, missing all my friends who I love so much that I've met along the way and trying very hard to call our new home, "home" because we'll be leaving it in a few years.

When really, there's so much good that comes from living this lifestyle. It's made me stronger than ever.  I get to explore a new area of the country with my husband and my daughter.  Our families and friends get to come visit and explore the new area, too (and even revisit one's they've been to already).  I get to build my vision board year after year of what I really want for when we finally settle in a community for good . And, most importantly, I've connected more with my true authentic self as each year goes by, and I'm not sure if I would be where I'm at right now in that area of my life if I didn't live this lifestyle (actually,  I know I wouldn't be).

And those are just some of the BIG things.  But now I see that there's really so many more little things, too (thanks to Neil!).

  • Like peeling a big chunk of eggshell off a hard boiled egg. ;)
  • A nice quiet morning outside with my daughter with no neighbor dogs constantly barking at us while we're out there.
  • Sleeping in a little bit while my daughter plays beside me.
  • Being a kid again and playing "bee" with my daughter and hearing her contagious laughter when I "bzzzz" her tummy.
  • Taking my shoes off and reconnecting with the ground and grass below my feet while sitting in the hammock watching my daughter explore this new world around her.
  • My husband getting up on Saturday morning to get Lil' C and change her diaper and play with her while I wake up a little more "slowly" for the day.

It's so easy for me to get caught up in what's wrong (it's how society is set up), especially when I move every 3 to 4 years, but really, there's SO much more AWESOMEness that needs to be focused on and surely out-does those things that I think are "wrong."

Thanks to Neil, I'm excited to remember the little things, because those little things are AWESOME and always make me smile from the inside out (I just never realized it until now).

If you're interested in hearing Neil's talk on TED (it's only about 20 minutes and it's SO, SO, SO good - I know, I said that already...lol), I've posted it below.  And be sure to check out his AWESOME blog, too!


If you watched it, or have read his blog, I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on it...and, let me know what little AWESOME thing happened to you today!

{life IS awesome}

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