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Mama "Quiet" Time

Mama "Quiet" Time

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When I was a teacher, I had two 30 minute breaks.   One was for specials (when my students had Art, PE, Music, Computer or Library) and the other was my lunch time.

As soon as I dropped the kids off to both places, I immediately went back to my classroom, kept the lights off, caught up with work and savored the quiet time to myself.

Then after my teaching day was done, I'd drive home in silence (something I never did before...my music was always on full blast).

Once I started working with kids, I soon realized how important this time to myself meant.

After I left teaching, I then went to school in New York City at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I traveled from Virginia once a month by train.  Some may think I was nuts to take the train instead of flying.  I flew one weekend, but I ended up getting a hotel at 2 am because the plane was in need of repair.

So after that, I just stuck to the train.  But my weekends were SO full of information and the speedy life of New York, that having a day to just sit on a train and not worry about moving for hours actually rejuvenated me like no other.

Now that I'm a mama, I struggle with finding "quiet" time.  C doesn't take her naps anymore, so that leaves me with even more limited "quiet" time.

Because of this, D has started taking her out on the town for an hour or so on the weekends, so I can get a break.  He kept telling me that I needed to go out...go to the store...go get a message...go out and just do things.  Believe me...all those things sound GREAT because, really, at this stage in my life, doing those things without kids is pretty amazing, but my true souls nourishment CRAVES being at home...alone...without ANY sounds...not moving and just being still.

I'm thankful to have my daughter and be surrounded by her kiddo stuff all day long.  I wouldn't change anything, but at the same time, this mama NEEDS some major "quiet" time.

On Saturday, I was able to relish in the quiet of my house.  

Yes, it's very messy - this pregnant mama is struggling with keeping the house clean, but at this time I could careless.  It was so still and so serene and it was just what I needed.

As the time went by, I felt my spirit uplift more and more (because the hour before they left her meltdowns were already starting for the day).  It was truly amazing.

And when D and C came back, I was my happy, mama self.  Ahhhhhhhhh!

Now, I know, once baby brother is here, my "quiet" time is going become even MORE limited.  So that just means I need to be even more creative when it comes to figuring out how I'll get my quiet breaks (even if it is for less than 5 minutes).

What truly nourishes your body, mind and soul?  Are you like me and  need absolute quiet, or do you do need other type of activities?  I'd love to hear! 

Until next time...

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