{Mommy Chit-Chat} Does This Happen To You?

OK Moms (and Dads, and even if you're not a parent, maybe your nephew/niece/cousin/little sibling/friends kids...) does your little kiddo sprint over to your dog's bowl like this?

I tell ya.  This is my life these days.  I have to leave Rusty's bowls in the pantry all day.  I can't bring them out in the open until Miss Mille is down for the night. Poor Rusty!  He's now on scheduled drinking time.  Not sure how's he's diggin' it. BUT, if I happen to forget to shut the door (yes, I'm guilty of this), guess whose over there in a minute?  Yep!  All over it!  It has to be her favorite toy right now. It's like she's just waiting to pounce on it as soon as she see's the door open. :)

The cutest thing happened last night. I had just closed the door a few minutes before I started making dinner. Damian gets home.  Does his thing.  I look over.  Guess whose sitting right in front of the bowls?  Camille!  I say, "whooooo left the pantry open?"  Camille answers, "daaadeeee!"  So cute!  Damian says, "hey, don't tell on me!"  Her answering my question made my night (even though she probably didn't even know she was answering my question...or did she!? Hmm...). :)

Don't worry...I washed her hands right after this! :)

Does this happen to you?  If so, what do you do to keep your kiddo/kiddos out of the pet bowls?  I have a feeling I'm not the only one with this situation. :)

{life is smiles}