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{Doodle Calm Thoughts: 4/21} My Day in a Doodle

{Doodle Calm Thoughts: 4/21} My Day in a Doodle

{I've made a commitment to put ME (yes, ME!!) first on my "to-do" list so I can calm my thoughts while tapping into my creativity for the next 21 days. Read why I'm doing this here.  And if you wanna join me in the calming fun, come on over to my Facebook page and share what's happening for you and post pictures of your doodles, too!}

Day 4: My Day in a Doodle!

This one literally cracked me up.

I had this urge to do swirly curly lines.  When I put my colored pencil to paper, this is what came out.

You see, I usually love just doing curly circle lines because it's very calming to me, but last night, I felt like doing swirls inside some of the circles.

I'd start with one, then add a few more down the line and so on and so on.

I traced over the line several times with different colors and then thought to color in the plain circles with my favorite hot pink color.

When I started coloring in the circles, I realized that it looks like my roller coaster life of a day while being a mama to a 2 year old.  

I started laughing!!  Because it's SO true!

The day starts with her calling out to me (I started on the bottom left-hand corner) because she's ready to start her day and get out of her crib.

Then we get settled (hence, the next circle is plain and with my favorite color) and we're all content.

Then it's time for snack or something she can't have and toddler fits happen.  Then we're settled and content.  We read books, play, and then it's time for nap (and  lately she hasn't been wanting to go down..so she tries to fight it - but not very intensely, more play like).

Then after nap, we're all happy and content.  As we get closer to mommy-cooks-dinner-time C can get a little cranky and wants me to play with her, or she gets frustrated with her toys or she's demanding to go outside or climbing on tables...all while I'm trying to make us dinner.

Then we eat and all is well in our toddler household because Daddy is home and our tummies are full.

We do bath, play time, read and watch some TV.

Then we put her down for bed, which lately, she hasn't been wanting to do and then once she's down for the night, I then unwind and try to catch up with ME from the day. 

So, yes, this doodle makes perfect sense!!

It IS my day in a doodle!  

You can even see where I'm part of the swirly toddler fun, too.  I take it as those are my calm moments..about to turn into toddler moments.  LOL! :)

Thank you right-brain for this beautiful display.  It helps me to see it so much more clearly...that life with a toddler sure does keep me on my toes and is definitely the most colorful ride I've ever been on!  Love it!! :)

Until next time...

{life IS colorful}

:: And if you wanna join in the fun, come on over to Facebook and tell me how doodling is helping you and post a pic of your doodles, too! I'd love to see them! OH, and feel free to use my doodles as guide, too.  Just be sure to give me the credit since it's my original. Thanks! :)  ::

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