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Savoring This Moment | Patio Scribbles At Its Finest

Savoring This Moment | Patio Scribbles At Its Finest

While the kids were content, playing on the patio, last week, I started racing around the house picking up whatever needed to be picked up and washing whatever needed to be washing; dishes, clothes, kitchen counters.  I went out to check on them and saw this.

Now, at first glance, my left-brain totally thought, "OH, MAN! Something else to clean!!"  But, thank goodness I don't let those thoughts stick around long (thank you doodling!!), because it's moments like these that I LOVE so, SO much!!

I forgot all about those wonderful to-do's and got comfy with camera while watching them have their color fun. (hello right brain!)

I mean, really?? Isn't this little, colorful cuteness SO much better than anything written on a to-do list?  OH YEAH!!


As I sat and watched, I was able to capture the true essence of WHO my kids are right now, in this very moment, of their lives.  When sister colors, brother colors.  When sister gets up...

brother gets up, too.

When sister sits down, brother...

tries to sit on her...

lap.  LOL!!!  Even though I was laughing, and still am when I look at these pictures, sister was not!

"HEEEEY!! LUCAAAAAA!!! GET OFF MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!  Mooooommmmm, Luca's sitting on my lap!!"

He listened, thank goodness, and she colored on.

Hmm...what should I do now since I can't sit on sister's lap??  (While mama smiles BIG because she LOVES my purple hands!!)

Guess I'll just keep doing what big sis is doing. ;)

I LOVE every bit of this!! Every bit!!  The color.  The scribbles.  The little hands.  The sibling bonding.


Then Luca started to do what he does best...color ON himself.  Ha!

Then for paybacks for sitting on her lap, Camille started to do what she does best...take Luca's marker out of his hand.  Yep! Now he's NOT happy!

Thank goodness, in this moment, he didn't get too upset.  Whew! Instead, he left for a second.

Then she got a moment to herself...

I came inside with Luca to get his juice for him.  I turned around and I just couldn't help but STOP, SMILE, click and SAVOR this moment!!  Words really can't describe the FEELINGS this moment of hers brings me; so teeny tiny, but such a BIG girl at the same time.  Oh man!!

Then he joined her...for a second though. (Gotta love almost 2-year-olds!)

He came back to find me. "Oh, there you are Mommy!"  And then it was back out again to do what big sis is doing.

Thank goodness, because as soon as he walks in the house with markers, he sits down on the kitchen floor and colors like crazy.  Then when I try to take the marker away he takes off with it in his hand and runs around the house, while trying to color anything he see's. Oh yeah! Fun times! LOL!

I think she missed him for that second.  Or, maybe not. ;)

Then she left and he got his moment to himself.  SO teeny tiny, but getting SO, SO big, too!!  Awwwweeeeeee!!

Older siblings really are the best teachers!  ;)

There's nothing that means more to my busy, mama heart than allowing myself to SLOW DOWN and SAVOR moments like these.

Moments that I LOVE!  Moments that make me FEEL happy and JOYous!!

Moments that SHOW exactly WHO my kids are at this very time in their lives.

I hope, too, that when my kids grow older, that they, too, look back on these moments and remember WHO they are what they LOVE.

Especially those moments when lil' bro sat on big sis' lap and when big sis took the marker away from lil' bro's hand.  Ha! Great stories to be had in the future, for sure! LOL! :)

WannaSLOW DOWN + SAVORmoments youLOVEthrough YOUR the lens?

Here's what you do:

  • When you see a moment, happening right in front of your eyes, that makes you STOP + SMILE, grab your camera and WATCH the moment.

I couldn't help but STOP, SMILE, click and SAVOR the FEELING of seeing my kids bond together outside while coloring the patio.  Yes, lots of clean up in the end for me, but it's a moment like this that makes me smile BIG because this IS what kids do and this IS what siblings do at these ages. There's nothing better than SAVORing every bit of it for many years to come!

  • While watching and just BEing in this moment, snap what you SEE.Don't say anything...BE still, watch and snap.

I just stopped and focused 100% on my kids in this moment...just BEing...coloring...while snapping away.

  • Try different angles.  Stand up. Sit down. Lay down. Get on your knees.  Stand on a chair.  But, for the most part, just sit, snap, smile and watch.  BE in the moment with your camera in hand.

I backed up a lot, moved forward, squatted down on their level from inside the house and outside on the patio and stood above them.

  • The magic happens when you sit sit back and WATCH!! Don't ask for any direction from the subject. Just be a fly on the wall...making your "human" subject think you're not there.  

When I do this, I capture my children's true, authentic personality.  But, if they want me to play with them., I play with them, while snapping at the same time.

It's pretty easy, and, the coolest part of all, your camera makes it even EASIER to SLOW DOWN, BE present, FOCUS and SAVOR what means most to your beautiful, mama heart.  When you're snapping and watching, the to-do's of the day melt away and your heart is focused on the FEELING of JOY and HAPPINESS of what's most important, which, in the end, makes you not only a better mama to your kids and family, but a better mama to yourself! :)

I'd LOVE to know...

When's the last time you SLOWED DOWN to SAVOR what you LOVE with your camera? 

Life makes you SMILE...SAVOR it up!

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