{Photo of the Day} Quiet Time Mess

{I've started a, Photo of the Day, series here on my blog.  I'm doing this to keep my passion for photography alive, as well as keeping myself challenged (which can be hard with mommy duties constantly call my name) to continue learning my photography skills.  By doing this, I'll stay connected to the beauty of the world that surrounds me on a daily basis...the #1 reason why I love pursing my passion for photography.  Wanna join me?}

Ever since I've been pregnant, C hasn't been taking many naps.  Luckily, she does understand that her old nap time is now considered "quiet time".  She goes in her room and plays for the first hour (and cries to come out, too!).  Sometimes she'll sleep the second hour and some times she won't.

Every time I open the door to get her, this is what her room looks like.  Gotta love it!  Oh, and Rusty is always happy to have his window back once C's quiet time is over. :)

Until next time...

{life is colorful}