Photo Shoot | Joey

Before I had baby brother, I was venturing out of my comfort zone and was beginning to take photos for other families. I didn't get too far in my journey because of pregnancy, but I did have the honor of photographing the "L" family a few times.  You can see those shoots here, here and here.

I haven't done any shooting since those sessions, except for the little bits of time that opens up during the day while creating balance into my busy mama of two life.

Yeah, so only in the comfort of my own home. ;)

This past weekend, Amy asked me if I could do her a HUGE favor and snap some family photos of her dog, 14 year old Joey,who was going to transition to doggie heaven (yesterday). :(

I jumped on this right away and told her OF COURSE!!

I will say, I was worried that I might break into tears the entire time while shooting because when it comes to my dog, I can't even bring him to the Vet when something not-so-major is wrong.  I have my hubs do it.

I've also been blessed with 2 dogs in my life that have already transitioned and, yeah, all I can say is, emotional mess!

But these pets of ours, they deserve the camera love, because, as we all know, they ARE one of the family.

When I arrived at the "L" home, they were all dressed in red, because that's Joey's favorite color.  

I thought, "Now that's AWESOME!! and the perfect way to show the LOVE for Joey!"

So today, I'd love for you to send your thoughts to the "L" family as they remember their sweet Joey who brought their entire family lots of love, laughter and smiles to their home.  


You came into Amy's life when she was 16.  And, boy, what an amazing life was in store for you once becoming a part of hers.  :)

She gave you SO much love and you loved her right back. 

Then some years later, Jonathan came into both of your lives.  Which only meant MORE love!

Yep!!  SO.MUCH.LOVE!  I'm pretty sure by the looks of it, you LOVED this love! :)

But, then, just when you thought you had enough love in your life, more LOVE was added.  

Sweet Liv joined your family and, yep, you guessed it, more LOVE.

And, from what I know about having little people in the house with doggies, I know you enjoyed her LOVE so much because she started out smaller than you but then soon became your height (and taller!).  And from what I know about this, you got lots of hugs and play time in! :)

A few years after Liv, Justice joined the family and, again...MORE LOVE!!!  

Your favorite toy was "gingerbread."  The one toy that was bought over and over again and the one that sweet Justice was always ready to play with you with (and, Liv, too!). :)

Your life was amazing with all this family love that surrounded you on a daily basis.

And, I know you brought SO much joy to your mom, dad, sister and brother.  

Your brother and sister are going to grow up with fond memories of playing and just hanging out (or, shall I say on you ;)) with you as well.

And your mommy and daddy are always going to smile when they remember your joy that filled their lives for so many years.

Joey, you filled your home up with lots of cozy, doggie love and your family is always going to keep you close to them in their hearts.

These two (and their parents!) are SO happy that you're now at peace and feeling awesome running around in doggie heaven while looking down on them. :)

Thank you "L" family for allowing me to come into your home during this difficult time and capture the memories of one of your cutest  family members so you can savor him for many years to come!

Until next time...

Life IS amazing...SAVOR it up