Pregnancy + Scenic Routes + Singing :: My Bliss List

This week started off with no toddler meltdowns.  I was in heaven, but mid-week, they started again.  So, again, I'm glad I'm focusing on BLISS because it can be SO easy to miss these little, sweet moments when your pregnant hormones mix with toddler meltdowns. ;) 1. I'm 30 weeks pregnant!! (As of last Saturday).  I mean, really, am I pregnant, or what!?!?  I'm definitely ready for baby brother to arrive.  It's getting harder picking things up and playing with C.  Right now, I just wanna sit on the couch all day and not move - not possible with an almost 3 year old. :)

2. We took the scenic route to Mississippi this past weekend instead of the highway. We checked out Kessler Air Force base, which was super nice and we hit up the outlet mall.  But, the best part was driving for miles and miles on the coast.  AND, we even passed a BIG truck event and it immediately made me think of my cousin (who lives far away) and it made me laugh (I'm not into BIG trucks, but she is!).  It's nice to get that warm and fuzzy feeling when you think about someone whom you spent lots of time with growing up and, who now, you don't see as much.

3. Ah, this day was the day we didn't have ANY meltdowns.  It was pure bliss.  Everyone was content in this picture.  SO NICE!

4. Doodling to calm my mind.  I wrote about this here on the blog this week.  It does wonders for my body, mind and soul.  And I love that I can do this with C. Connecting with color, mindlessly, is the most blissful thing ever!!

5. I became more connected with my inner most passions and direction for my blog.  I just keep moving more and more to ME and it feels REALLY good.  And, I owe it all to doodling and a GREAT conversation with a GREAT and INSPIRING friend to help me get there.

6.  A beautiful, scenic route that's only 5 minutes from my house. I'm SO thankful to have this drive.  When C has her meltdowns, we get in the car and drive.  She immediately relaxes and then falls asleep.  It's the most nourishing time for me and, if you read my post on Monday, you know that quiet time is a MUST for this mama! :)

7. Singing with my daughter.  Because I'm in "I need to sit down more" mode because of my pregnancy, C and I have been watching lots of Sesame Street videos.  I tried to video tape us singing India Arie's ABC song with Elmo.  It was hard to hold up my phone at the same, but it's still pure bliss to me.  At least I got some of us in there. :):)

I've joined Liv Lane and her blog I'm Choosing Beauty Friday bliss list fun.That means every Friday I'll be linking up with Liv and her blog sharing all the bliss that happened during my week here on my blog.  I just love how it keeps you looking for the *good* that happens throughout the week.  If you'd like to join in the bliss fun, check out the link here and below my bliss list for more info.  :)

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Until next time...

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