{Photo of the Day} Pretty Pink Flower ~ Part 1

{I've started a, Photo of the Day, series here on my blog.  I'm doing this to keep my passion for photography alive, as well as keeping myself challenged (which can be hard with mommy duties constantly call my name) to continue learning my photography skills.  By doing this, I'll stay connected to the beauty of the world that surrounds me on a daily basis...the #1 reason why I love pursing my passion for photography.  Wanna join me?}

Today I went for a little photo walk in my backyard.  I don't have many flowers sprouting, but I do have some, so I thought I'd snap them before it's too late and they're gone.  

(I wanted to take pictures of these beautiful white flowers in my front yard that were blossomed yesterday.  When I went out today, they were gone. :(  Guess I'll get 'em next year.)

When I came back in to edit, I realized could tell a neat little story behind some of the photos I captured.  And because of that, I'm going to run some of today's photos for the next few days. (I couldn't just post one)

It will be a neat little photo a day series with a little story and aha in between.

So for today...it all started with me snapping this beauty.  

Stay tuned for the next beauties (and little story and aha over the course of the next few days).

Until then...

{life is colorful}