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The other night I came across Patti Digh. Don't even ask me how, because these days I can't remember how I connect with all the awesomeness that is happening on the Internet since entering mommy mushy brain land. HA! :)

As soon as I connected to her site, I was instantly filled with inspiration.  Inspiration that brought me happy tears.

I couldn't believe I was JUST finding her now, but I'm SO glad I did.

She's an author, a speaker, a coach and a mom.  And she has some amazing books out that I can't wait to get my eyes on!

While exploring her site, I came across some videos that discuss a brief little lesson from what she wrote in her newest book, What I Wish For You: Simple Wisdom For a Happy Life.

They were all wonderful, but this one spoke to me the most...

It's called...You are not broken, and you don't need to be fixed.

If you haven't watched the clip yet, she discusses a scenario when her daughter was in 2nd grade. She was very shy and was super scared to present her book report to her classmates.

Patti, a concerned mother, brought up this situation to her daughter's teacher.

Now this is when it gets GOOD and when it totally hits me with the biggest A-HA ever!

You see, when I was teaching 2nd grade, I had a student, whose father came up to me one day early in the year and told me he was concerned about his son being shy. Teachers in the past told him that his son was too shy and they needed to fix work on this.

So, when his son started his 2nd grade year with me, he brought up this concern to me, and would ask me how his "shyness" was doing throughout the entire school year.

I responded to his father with words that represented something along the lines of, "He's doing great. I haven't seen any shyness that's causing any worry."  (All while he was the most well behaved, well liked by the other students, intelligent, respectful and knew where to stay out of trouble student I'd ever had).

But deep down, my heart ached because I didn't think being "shy" should have caused an issue and it shouldn't have to be "fixed" at such a young age.  Because there's nothing wrong with being shy.

So after hearing Patti speak on this same exact subject. And how her daughter's teacher responded with, "That is your personality (because Patti was outgoing in elementary school) and that's your daughter's personality."

I realized that this is EXACTLY what my heart wanted to say to my student's father, but at the time I didn't know how to get that message across in such a simple and profound way.

I also connected with my student's father's concern, because I was a quiet student in the classroom.  And, get this! I dreaded doing presentations in front of the other students all the way up until college (and at times, still do now). I didn't mind the writing, but the speaking...forget about it!

Patti is SO right on when she says, "We have a vision of how we should be and who we should be. And we're told repeatedly that you should be different in how you are."

As I listened to those words, that's when I knew why I'm on this journey. I knew exactly why I was supposed to be an elementary school teacher for  those few years.

I always said I wanted to be the teacher I never had. I wanted my students to feel safe in my classroom.  I wanted them to love coming to school. I wanted them to BE who they are. And I wanted them to know they had a teacher who listened and treated them equally.

I'm proud to say I did just that (even when the times got tough).

And now that I'm a mom, I currently strive for those same goals with my daughter, as well.

Those words made me realize that my love for kids is more about listening to them, guiding them to blossom and providing them a safe place to just BE who they are.  I know now that I love that more than teaching them reading, math, science and how to prepare for the BIG test at the end of the year.

That's when I realized that I'm finally OK with not being in a classroom anymore that is based on book reading, arithmetic, scientific equations and how to prepare for a standardized test (because I truly miss connecting with those awesome kiddos!).

I now know that my true service is to provide others a safe place to truly connect with who they are so they can see their greatness, and most the words of Patti...I'm here to help others remember to...

"Be you! Remember who you are! And, remember that you're not broken, and you don't need to be fixed."

And that's why I've committed to being of service to help myself and others to reconnect with the true beauty of food (because, in my opinion, when you really think about it, changing our eating habits to a so called "healthier" one does kinda say we're broken and we need to be fixed) and to the true beauty of themselves and to the true beauty that life surrounds us with.

And if I can help other mother's with this message, then that'll cause a ripple effect, because they'll be modeling this message to their kids and their kids and their kids...

We have to remember that every single one of us is different and it's time to OWN that!

So starting right NOW, I'm gonna keep diving more into BEing ME (even when the outside world tries to send me into comparison mode)!

So how about you? Wanna join me?

If so, then let's ROCK this world with our uniqueness.  As my coach, Michelle Ward says, uniquity is where it's at (and, yes, she made up that most awesome, unique, word...awww yeah!).  Love ya, Michelle! :)

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