{savoring this moment} Doggie Love

The other day, I was moving pretty quickly around my house trying to get things cleaned up. Because, you know, if you're a mama to two little kids, when everyone's content (for a second!!), you fly around the house picking things up or trying to do something for yourself real quick, right?  ;)

Well, I ran walked into the living room and immediately stopped because of this.

As soon as I saw this, I knew I had to snap this for a moment I can always look back on and remember.

I grabbed my BIG camera as fast as could.

I couldn't believe it because Rusty didn't even move.  Not once.

Usually he moves away as fast as he can.

Well, not this time.  

C ended up rolling off of him, but, then, she decided to stay by him for a bit while she talked and played. 

Yep...he still didn't move.

What a trooper he is.   He better get ready, because soon he's gonna have 2 kiddos all over him (but that's OK because he doesn't leave my kiddos alone when there's food around. Ha!).

But, he either really LOVES her, or he was just REALLY tired.

I'll say, he LOVES her...just like she LOVES him.  

Here's when they first bonded...back when C was 11 months old.  CUTE, right?? :)

These are the moments I truly LOVE!

And, this IS the reason why I absolutely LOVE photography...helping me to STOP, SMILE + SAVOR, even the littlest of things.

The best!! :)