Savoring A Minute of Sweet, Sibling Play

Life is crazy busy and it's EASY to stay focused on the to-do's of it all and miss the littlest moments that mean the most. My camera is my tool to slow down, get present and SAVOR the FEELING of moments that I LOVE and that make MY heart HAPPY with JOY.  When busy with my to-do's and I see something that makes me light up with a big smile, I stop, grab my camera (iPhone or SLR - it doesn't matter because what does matter is that I capture the moment...) and sit back, snap, BE in the moment and SAVOR the FEELING of that LOVE I'm seeing from behind the lens.  And when it comes to my kids, I LOVE to capture WHO they are and what they love, in their current stage of life, so they never, EVER, disconnect from themselves as they grow older, like I did.

It's very rare these days to see these two sitting down together, playing, without one or the other getting upset.  So when I turned my head to look over to make sure they weren't getting into trouble, while cleaning up the kitchen, I saw this and quickly grabbed my camera to SAVOR it, even it was for just a minute.

It started out with each of them making their own block creation.

He inched closer to her and began to share his blocks with her to add on to hers.  Awwww, so nice, Luca!

Still creating together and still looking content and happy.

Then he grabs them all and big sis is very, very unhappy.

Yep, like I said.  It was a minute of sweet, sweet sibling play.   So glad I stopped to SAVOR it.  And, SO glad I have this moment captured to show them just how they kept this mama on her toes with trying to "keep the peace" when they were this age. ;)

Until next time...

Capture what YOU love...SAVOR what YOU love!!