Savoring This Moment: He is One Today


First, let me explain his photos real quick.  The first row is his smiling ultrasound pic and his first couple weeks in the world. The rest are his monthly photos, with the last picture, taken today, on his birthday (he's jumping up and down in the him!!).  :)

He is ONE! He is ONE! He is ONE! I can't believe it!!

At times, it felt like his first birthday was SO far away and was never going to come, but, looking back, yes, his first year FLEW by!

If you haven't read my mama of two post, then you don't know that we had to evacuate last year to Florida, my hometown, to deliver baby boy because of Hurricane Isaac.  Got to Florida on Monday and delivered him that Wednesday. It worked out AMAZING and I'm SO happy it ended up this way. (I was THRILLED that I didn't have him in the car...big worry of mine!).

My cousin helped me deliver him. She's a labor and delivery nurse and started work right at 7 PM...right when it was time for me to push.  32 minutes later he was here, thanks to her.  I pushed almost 2 hours with C.

Also, I was able to see my grandfather, who ended up passing away this past February.  I just know Luca brought us down there so I could see my grandfather one last time and so he could meet Luca and then tell my grandmother all about it once he joined her in heaven.  I still get chills over this because I wouldn't have seen him before he passed.

With everything we went through that week, I'm SO SO grateful that baby bro is SO SO happy!! He LOVES people and he smiles all.the.time. (yep...his smiling ultrasound pic was telling us something!!).  I'm SO SO grateful for this...especially when big sis is having a meltdown and he's just smiling away. WHEW!!! :)

Everyday I think about him and the meaning of his name, Luca, which means light.  That's exactly what he's done for our little family...brought SO much light, joy, laughter and happiness.

And, my little guy (and his sister, too!), he'll always be my reminder that in the end, everything...EVERYTHING...always works out in the end AND it's better to not have control over situations and to just LET THEM BE because it will ALWAYS work out just as it should.  (read my mama of two post if you wanna know what I'm talking about).

Happy Birthday little man!!

I'm sad that I didn't get to photograph you as much as I photographed your big sister while she was exploring the world to ONE...but I bet you're thrilled that mama didn't have her BIG camera in your face all the time. ;)

I'm SO happy that I did snap your amazingness when time would allow and I'm thankful that we all made it...daddy...big sis...rusty and I...we all did it together and it truly was amazing I'll never forget and one that wasn't so bad because I really thought I wasn't gonna be able to handle two kiddos...but I'm happy to say that I did and it really wasn't as bad as I thought - definitely got better after we hit the 6 month mark, though!! ;)

So here's to our next journey...the journey of ONE...which I have a feeling is going to be the year that you're going to get into EVERYTHING...even every toy your big sis loves which I'm pretty sure isn't going to make her happy. ;)

Life IS so SO good...SAVOR it up!