Her Love For Outside Play

Life is crazy busy and it's EASY to stay focused on the to-do's of it all and miss the littlest moments that mean the most. My camera is my tool to slow down, get present and SAVOR the FEELING of moments that I LOVE and that make MY heart HAPPY with JOY.  When busy with my to-do's and I see something that makes me light up with a big smile, I stop, grab my camera (iPhone or SLR - it doesn't matter because what does matter is that I capture the moment...) and SAVOR the FEELING of that LOVE from behind the lens.  And when it comes to my kids, I LOVE to capture WHO they are what they love, in their current stage of life, so they never, EVER, disconnect from themselves as they grow older, like I did.

Now that the weather is warming up, C has been LOVING her time spent outside in our backyard. As soon as she gets home from school, she heads right out.   Now that she knows how to get past the baby proof door knob and can reach all the door knobs in the house, she now likes to go in and out as she pleases.   Which can be a good AND bad thing!

A few weeks back, she opened the front door to get "the box" the UPS guy left. Lil' bro tried to follow her right out.  He didn't get far, just one leg out, so that was good, but after that, I had D put locks on the top of the doors.

When she does get her time outside, she LOVES to go over to our neighbors side of the fence and talk her doggie friends.  They have two dogs. At this time, they weren't out, but she was very well looking for them, because they're outside 24/7.

I just love how she peeks through the fence like this.

As I saw her sitting there, talking out loud as to why they weren't out to say hello to her, I quickly grabbed my camera.  I used to stay outside a lot longer with her while she explored the outside world while snapping away, but we've done this a lot less since baby bro was born.

During his nap, I got to play and follow her around and she was SO happy and, of course, so was I.  I miss taking pictures like this SO much.  It's such a natural high for me, and just like doodling, it easily melts away my stress and energizes me with JOYous passion. :)

After realizing her doggie friends weren't around, she was off for lots of fun.

"Mommy, watch me run!"

There she goes!!  Go, C, go!! :)

As I was following her, I couldn't help but think back to her 1-year-old self.  Gosh, she was SO much slower these days (or, really, I'm the slow one, not her! ha!).  And those curls!! I miss them.

Do you think she was happy that I was watching her???

Nah!! ;)

It sure can be hard to watch her play like this with a 1-year-old, baby bro, that I have to make sure stays outta trouble these days. And, man, boys!! I thought C got into everything...wow, he REALLY gets into everything!! LOL!

She found flowers peeking through the fence from our neighbors yard.  The camellia's are in full bloom here in NOLA and they really are beautiful.  We love that they go so well with her name. ;)

"Look, Mommy! Look at the flowers I got!"

Then she sat down her little brick seat and I just melted with how she was placing them side-by-side.   This is when the "capturing moments" magic happens.  I just sit back, watch her and snap away, without saying anything to her in regards to posing for the camera.

It's amazing what you SEE when you sit back and watch like this.

Flowers are fun!! 

Especially when you do this!! :)

"WOW, Camille!! That was SO cool!!! Can you do that again!?!?"

OH YEAH!! SO FUN!!! Her face...priceless! :)

And then, this pose!! Really??? I didn't ask for this.  LOL! :)

"Look, Mommy! I can do hopscotch!!"  :)

Then this little area intrigued herand I took a bunch of steps back, bent down, watched and soaked it all in from behind the lens and sometimes not behind the lens. :)

"I'm walking the line, Mommy! Here I come!!"

And there you are!!

Oh, it's moments like this that just melt my heart and have me forever grateful that we have a fenced in yard for her to BE her most awesome, happy self in; exploring, singing at the top of her lungs and talking to her doggie friends.

This IS, who she is, right now...outfit and all.  Yes, she dressed herself from head to toe. :)

I can't wait to have lil' bro out there more with her when he's more independent like this.  Then I'll really be able to sit back, watch and snap, all while sporting the biggest smile ever!!

Because it's moments like this that mean the most to my mama heart.  Laundry, cleaning, unloading the dishwasher and watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has nothing on this!! ;)

Life is too beautiful NOT to allow yourself to slow down and SAVOR it!!

Especially when it comes to your littles exploring it all.  ;)

Before I ask ya...

What moments have you SLOWED DOWN to SAVOR today?

Wanna SLOW DOWN + SAVOR moments through YOUR the lens?

Here's what you do!

1. When you see a moment, happening right in front of your eyes, that makes you STOP + SMILE, grab your camera and WATCH the moment.

2. While watching and just BEing in this moment, snap what you SEE.  Don't say anything...BE still, watch and snap.

4. Try different angles.  Stand up. Sit down. Lay down. Get on your knees.  Stand on a chair.  But, for the most part, just sit, snap, smile and watch.  BE in the moment with your camera in hand.

For this picture, I was snapping like a crazy lady.  I was following her around, running with her, well, a light walk/kinda jog, squatting down, standing up all while snapping away. I wanted to snap these moments EXACTLY how I saw it while being outside with her.

5. The magic happens when you sit sit back and WATCH!! Don't ask for any direction from the subject.  Just be a fly on the wall...making your "human" subject think you're not there.  It's when you do this, you get the true authentic personality of your subject!!  But, if they want you to play with them...do it!! Just keep snapping at the same time! :)

It's pretty easy and , the coolest part of all, your camera makes it even EASIER to SLOW DOWN, BE present and SAVOR what means most to your beautiful, mama heart.  When you're snapping and watching, the to-do's of the day melt away and your heart is focused on the JOY and HAPPINESS of what's most important, which, in the end makes you not only a better mama to your kids and family, but a better mama to yourself! :)

So tell me...

What moments have you SLOWED DOWN to SAVOR today? 

Until next time... Life IS so FULL of JOY...SAVOR it up!