Savoring This Moment: Her Love For Tarzan

I can't remember when we first watched Tarzan together, but what I do know, is this girl LOVES the movie and if it was up to her, she'd watch it everyday, all day long.

For the past year or so, she LOVES to sneak away into another room in the house while saying out loud for us to hear "here comes Tarzan!!!" and then coming out to us with ONLY her underwear on.  And then, if we call her by her name she'll immediately say back to us, her strongest, most confident voice ever, "I'm NOT Camille!! I'm TARZAN!!"

Lately, she's been connecting more with Jane.  She'll put on her yellow Belle dress (for those who aren't familiar, this is Belle's dress from Beauty and the Beast) and then her stockings, her winter gloves and her cinderella shoes and then she'll proceed to tell us she's Jane.

When we went to Disney World last October for Halloween, she was able to get a picture with the Tarzan clan.  I was SO excited for her because I can't remember the last time I saw Tarzan out in the Magic Kingdom.

They talked to her for what seemed like 10 minutes.  It was AWESOME! But, I have NO idea what they were saying to her because D was with baby bro and I was taking the photo pass at this stop.   Still to this day, every time I ask her, what did Tarzan and Jane and the gorilla say to you at Disney that day?  She always shrugs her shoulders with this little smile/grin and then she says, "I don't know."    Maybe one day she'll tell me before she forgets.  LOL! :)

Yesterday, she asked me to take pictures of her dancing to her "favorite" part of the movie.  She wasn't Tarzan or Jane yet, but we watched it twice and they both came out.  When things settle around the house with baby bro I'm hoping to snap her full-on Tarzan joy.

It's truly the best and I love SAVORING every bit of it. 

Still dancing...but slowly...because she can't miss her favorite scene.  Awwwweeeee!! :)

And then she asked me to rewind her favorite singing scene again and again and again so she could keep dancing her little Tarzan and Jane heart out.

I hope she ALWAYS stays connected and continues to take action on everything that fills her heart up with JOY!!   If this happens as she grows into adulthood, then I know I did my parenting job right.  The only way she'll stay connected is if her mommy is connected! :)

So tell me...

What have you slowed down to SAVOR today??

Life IS so joyful...connect with it and SAVOR it up!