Savoring This Moment | Sibling Love

Life is crazy busy and it's EASY to stay focused on the to-do's of it all and miss the littlest moments that mean the most. My camera is my tool to slow down, reconnect with the present moment and savor WHO my kids are right now in their current stage of life AND what makes MY heart happy with  joy.  When life is busy and I see something that makes me light up with a smile, I stop, grab my camera (iPhone or SLR - it doesn't matter because what does matter is that I capture the moment...), click what I see and savor the FEELING of that LOVE.  My camera helps me stay focused on what fills my heart up with love and captures a visual reminder of WHO my kids are and what they love, so they never disconnect from themselves as they grow older, like I did.  


I'm an only child. So, it's pretty awesome to watch my kiddos LOVE for each other...and I'll be honest, it's something I always wish I had, still to this day...a sibling to love.   At times, I do think to myself, I wonder what it's like to always have a little bro or little sis ALWAYS climbing on you, following you and grabbing your stuff.  But, even though I'm sure it's probably the biggest pain in the butt, in the end, I bet there's nothing better than a sibling bond.  ;)

These two are ALWAYS at each other's side.  C can't wait for her lil' bro to wake up in the morning or from his nap so she can be the one to go get him. Yep...D and I aren't allowed to go in the room until way after she has.  They just play and play in there together and it's SO fun to listen to.

There's times when they sit by each other and watch a show oh-so nicely together.

And then baby bro see's something he wants.

At this time, I thought he just wanted to share the chair with big sis and she didn't want any part of it.

Yep! He's pretty mad about this!! And, she's VERY content because she's won in this moment.  :)

But, baby bro wasn't giving up!!  Trying to move her legs and all!!

Before the situation was filled with lots of tears, I asked him, "What'cha doin', buddy???" for a little climbing all over big sis distraction.

And he started to tell me...and big sis started to show her frustration.

Then I realized that he wanted her drink.

I got up to get it for him and thought the situation would calm.

But then he STILL grabbed her drink!! Just look at his face while she screams out, "NOOOOOOO, LUCA!!! That's mine!!!!"  What a stinker...he's SO proud that he finally got it!! Ha!

And then he came back to BE by his big sis again.

Two in one chair must not be that comfortable, which, honestly makes me happy because when he tries to sit with her she gets SO mad at him.

One is SUPER happy, while the other is definitely still bummed about it all.

And I'm happy to that this little bump didn't cause any little kiddo tears to be shed. WHEW!!!!!  And, I know she doesn't look like her happy self, but once lil' bro goes down for his nap, she's going ask me over and over again, "Where's Luca?" and then, once he's up, she'll jump for joy and run into his room.

Yep...sibling love!

I know they're just warming me up for what's to come with having a sibling, but what I know for sure, however mad they get at each other, however they wanna show that they don't love each other on the outside,  deep down, they'll always have a big heart of love for each other.  And that right there, is something I just LOVE savoring up!!

So tell me...

What what moments have you slowed down to SAVOR today?

Until next time... Life IS so FULL of JOY...SAVOR it up!