Savoring This Moment: Sippy Cup Lips + Smiles

{ Life as a mama is BUSY!! Which means, lots and lots of multi-tasking, filled days are had. Which also means the littlest, most beautiful moments can be missed...moments I don't want to continue to miss. With the help of my deep, inner passion for photography, I'm able to get out of my to-do list head and stop, smile, click + savor the moments that I absolutely love.  But, most importantly, my daily savor shot helps me to BE an even more present mama (as well as continuing to brush up on my photography skills) because the camera is my tool for slowing down + focusing on all the amazing good that fills up my life...wanna join me? } 

He took to his new sippy cup right away, but the best part of it all is how he uses his lips with the straw.  Oh my heavens!!  His lower lip melts my heart.  And, he does this every time he uses a straw. He's also figured out how to get all the milk in the straw and then pull it back on his lips and then fling the straw so the milk goes everywhere.  Oh yes, he's are little jokester, this one!!

The second best part...his smiles when I look at him. Probably because I'm smiling BIG while watching him sip away.  :)

This cup didn't last long because he chewed right through the straw.  So,  yes, we're on the sippy cup adventure again...I remember doing this with big sis, too.  Aren't sippy cups fun? Ha!

So tell me...

What did you SAVOR today?  

Life IS full of smiles...SAVOR it up!