Savoring This Moment: Sitting Cuteness

{I've disconnected a bit from my DSLR BIG camera since I've become a mama of two.  My iphone camera is GREAT and I'm SO grateful for it, but it's time for me to reconnect to my inner most passion of photography by using my DSLR because I've lost touch with some of the things I've learned. I want to say hello to everything I've learned already and I also want to keep learning more so I can keep getting better.  And, what better way to do that than by challenging myself to SAVOR THE MOMENT from behind my DSLR lens everyday. This IS my daily savor of the day and my journey to relearning my camera and diving back into my deep passion for photography and savoring life from behind my lens...thanks for following!}

Oh,  am I savoring this sitting cuteness.  The way he just sits, contently, on the floor, intrigued by big sister toys everything around him. Yes! I'm savoring this stage of his big time, because he's starting to take steps, which means, he's NOT going to sit like this much longer.

Oh, Luca buddy, you're the best and I love how much JOY you've brought our little family.  (He's gonna be ONE on Thursday!! OMG!!) :) #focusonthegood

Life IS presently beautiful...SAVOR it up!