When Daddy Gives Them A Bath

Life is crazy busy and it's EASY to stay focused on the to-do's of it all and miss the littlest moments that mean the most. My camera is my tool to slow down, get present and SAVOR the FEELING of moments that I LOVE and that make MY heart HAPPY with JOY.  When busy with my to-do's and I see something that makes me light up with a big smile, I stop, grab my camera (iPhone or SLR - it doesn't matter because what does matter is that I capture the moment...) and sit back, snap, BE in the moment and SAVOR the FEELING of that LOVE I'm seeing from behind the lens.  And when it comes to my kids, I LOVE to capture WHO they are and what they love, in their current stage of life, so they never, EVER, disconnect from themselves as they grow older, like I did.

It's been SO long since he's been home to give them baths because of his work schedule.  And, it's been SO long since I've pulled out my SLR to capture and SAVOR this moment from behind the lens.

And, now, looking at these pictures, oh, I miss it so!

Every time he gives them a bath I just LOVE stepping back and watching all the fun giggles and laughs (and of course, sibling conflicts, too!) with my lens. Good thing there's something SO fun that happens during bath time with Daddy that takes all the sibling conflicts away.

The shower nozzle!  

Oh yeah!!  Just look at C's anticipation.  Oh my gosh. SO funny!!

Once that water is flowing, the smiles and laughs are, too.  The best!!


C absolutely loves it!! 

As for Luca, well, I think he's still trying to figure out what is going on while still having his fun and smiling!!

I always LOVE how D makes C's hair all wild and crazy after he shampoo's it.

And then, the two of them having a little moment of stillness moment together....priceless!

Oh, those sibling faces...heart melting and savoring them as much as I can!!

And then, one of the bath squirting toys emerges.  Oh boy, oh boy!

Which, of course, is in C's hand.

Which means she's going to squirt lil' bro in the face with it, which means, I'll be saying, on repeat, "Only on his arms or stomach or legs...NOT his face, please!!"  Ha!

And then, another round of shower nozzle time.  Woohoo!!

And this time, it's his turn for an awesome anticipation face.  LOVE!!!

Oh my gosh...what a face while watching her!!  Seriously, I love this boy SO, SO much!! The way he just watches his sister all day long.  Oh man! This is love!!

It's your turn now, buddy!! 

I always wanna remember how he rubs his eyes after being splashed...ALWAYS!!

So, so cute!!

Another splash!!

And one that's super duper FUN!! 

Yes, REALLY fun!! Oh, I wish you could hear those giggles and happy screams!!

A moment that I'll cherish forever!!

And this one! Oh my gosh!! He wants more, too!! LOL!!

And they both do!!


Until...it's time to stop all that shower nozzle fun and get out to dry off.  Oh, boooooooooooo, Daddy!! Boooooooooooo!!

Lil' bro is out first, which left me to SAVOR her.  The last time I got to do this was before Luca was born.  Oh, it was bliss!!

He ran right in after he was ready for the night.  

But I still sat and watched her some more. Hooray!

Until it was her turn to get all dry for the night.  D always dries her hair like this.

He keeps drying and drying and drying...

Until she emerges like this!! So funny!! She LOVES it!!

And then lil' bro ran back in and then THIS happened!! OMGOSH!! Heart melting all over place!! They really do LOVE each other!!

It's moments like that this that fill my heart with happy tingles and have me smiling big.  I'm SO grateful that I left the dishes in the sink from dinner, grabbed my camera and sat and SAVORed it all.  Because it's moments like that I never, ever wanna miss!

Because, yes, this entire moment is love!!

What have YOU slowed down to SAVOR today??  Because, life is what you love...why not slow down so you can SAVOR it up!