Savoring Tip | Admire the Beauty of Flowers

Wanna SLOW DOWN to SAVOR what you LOVE more in your life, but are having struggles doing so?

Go out and buy yourself some beautiful flowers! 

Yep! That's it!  Just be sure to buy flowers that you're drawn to and put a smile on your face.

When you put flowers in a pretty vase and place them in a spot where you can easily admire them throughout your day, you'll find that having these beauties around to look at will help you slow down and connect more to what matters most in life.

We all have busy lives to live (especially parents), so as Dr. Kathleen Hall, from the Stress Institute says...

"It's always nice when nature provides us with a simple way to make our daily lives more enjoyable.  Flowers have an immediate effect on our happiness and it continues with long term impact."  

We don't just need Mother's Day or Valentine's Day to have these beauties around us.  

We don't need to wait for our partner to give them to us as a romantic gesture either (although, that's always a plus!).

We deserve to have flowers in our lives just because!  

I always try to buy myself flowers each week.  When they're not around, my kitchen just isn't the same and my bamboo plant gets lonely. I love placing them in mason jars and then viewing their beauty on the windowsill in front of me while I wash sippy cups all day long.  When I look at them,  I'm I smile and I begin FEEL uplifted and happy (no matter how awful or mundane washing dishes (and life) can seem!) and then I'm reminded that there's always something blossoming beautifully around me, even when life seems to be oh, so hard! ALWAYS! 

They're a great reminder to me that life is meant to be lived beautifully, slow.  And when I live slow, I'm living life just how life is meant to be lived; presently savored.  Thank you nature for this wonderful reminder each and every day!

Maybe you're not a flower lover, but I bet there's one type of flower out there that makes you stop and view the beauty of it.  If not, find a plant you just adore.  Or, just find something that'll get your inner light shining a little more brightly.

If you feel disconnected from WHO you are and what YOU love, then doing this, admiring the beauty of flowers,will easily help you to SLOW DOWN so you SAVOR and connect more to what you LOVE and fills your heart with JOY.

If we don't slow down, we'll never be able to SAVOR what truly matters most in our lives and we'll continue to struggle with figuring out WHO we are what we LOVE!

We gotta get SLOW to SAVOR and FEEL the LOVE!

Flowers help to do just that!

"Listen to flowers.  You'll hear glorious silence.  Take a lesson from the buds and give yourself a moment of silence." - Dr. Kathleen Hall 

What about you?

Do you love flowers as much as I do?  Which one's are your favorite to admire?  I love peonies, gerber daisies and any flower that is two-toned.  Oh, those two-toned flowers are my FAVORITE!! Aaaahhhhh!!!   If you're not a flower person, what's your favorite plant???  Tree?  Anything in nature...I'd love to hear! 

Until next time...

Life IS beautifully slow...SAVOR it up!