Savoring Tip | Let Your Kid Be A Kid

To me, there's nothing better than SAVORing my kids BE kids.

Big sis ALWAYS wants to wear her princess dress-up dresses out on the town.  No matter where we go, when getting ready, she ALWAYS comes out as Princess Sophia, Yellow Bell, Ariel, Rapunzel and so on...

I always say, "You look beautiful, Camille" and Daddy says, "You can't wear that.  Let's see what else we can find for you to wear."  And then the meltdowns begin.  (I always have to tell him that this time in her life is short, just let her wear it. It's not doing any harm.)

I know, as adults, letting our kids play dress up, out in public, can seem wrong, but to me, I think it's the best reminder for us adults to keep being WHO we are and showing off what we LOVE (out in public) without a care in the world of what anyone else thinks. As long as the the outfit covers and is appropriate for the weather.  

It actually makes me sad, that as we grow older, we lose this awesomeness (except for awesome Taraleigh!! who inspires me, every day, to let ME out even more, even though I'm an "adult" now) and start to be fearful of letting out who we really are to shine brightly for all to see.

So when C comes out, dressed in her Ariel Halloween costume and her tap shoes for our trip down to the city for a Spring outdoor concert  (and she's covered up nicely, because I will not let her go out with skin showing and if it's winter out and she wants to wear her bathing suit, yes, I'll tell her she needs to change), I'm always gonna say, "You look beautiful, now let's go have some fun!"  because I absolutely LOVE seeing her independence shine like this.  It fills my heart with JOY that she wants to dress in this way, for all to see.

And then, seeing all the people she passes lighting up with smiles and coming over to talk to her and tell her they love her outfitor ask what princess she is, fills me up even more, because her joy is filling others with joy, too!  The way life is supposed to be lived!!

There's nothing better than lighting up the world with JOY and that's exactly what happens when we let kids BE kids in this way.

And, to me, it's a great reminder, to us adults, that we were once this way and that even though we're older, we still need to be WHO we are and let what we LOVE shine bright for all to see, no matter what anyone thinks, too!!

Because it's who we are and what we love that's going to make this world a better place!! It's meant to be shared...not buried deep for nobody to see!

And this moment, this dress-up stage of her life, it's a short one.  Before I know it, those princess dresses will no longer be in her closet because they'll be replaced with her new clothes-loves as she grows more and more into her independent self.  (But, I'll still be there making sure it's appropriate attire though!!)

And it's these moments I love to SAVOR because each and every time I'm reminded to stay true to who I am and let what I love shine brightly for all to see...something that my adult self can continue to keep buried deep within for no one to see because of fear.  Yep...I'm one of those adults, too...boooooo! ;)

We all know what we love, we just have to stay connected to it, like kids do, as we grow older, right?   It's easy to lose with all the adult responsibilities that come our way, ya know!

That's why SAVORing a child BEing a kid, helps us to slow down, smile and connect more to what brings us joy and what lights up and what feels good in our hearts.  It helps to revive your inner, kid fun again.

Because we adults, should never, ever disconnect for our inner, kid self.  Ever!  Your inner, kid is your best teacher for living life the way it's mean to be lived!!

Work hard. It doesn't mean we need to wear a Snow White dress out in public, but, hey, maybe that's what YOU love.  It just means, keep BEing YOU and keep letting what YOU love shine BRIGHT!!!  Even in the mix of everything that comes with living an adult life.  

Oh, and I can't to see what baby bro comes out wearing once he gets this age.  SO fun!! :)

So tell me...

Do you have kids? Did you let them wear they're princess and superhero outfits while out on the town when they were toddlers?  Don't have kids? Have you ever seen little kids dressed in this way while out on the town?  Either way, I bet it makes you smile, right??   

Until next time...

Life IS joy...SAVOR it up!