Weekend Savors | Sibling Conflict, Chuck E Cheese + Painting

Because the week is filled with hectic schedules and not as much family time as I'd like, I love love LOVE to savor our family togetherness through the lens on the weekends. This is the most special time because we're all together the entire weekend and being with my family (and capturing it all) is my number one passion of all. :)

This weekend, I savored (through my iPhone lens), some sibling conflict.  Ha!  I know...I know...who wants to savor siblings who are fighting?  But, I just sat on the couch watching them fight over the stroller.  It became a game of tug-a-war and neither were giving up.

I felt bad, but at the same time, I couldn't help but laugh.  They're both very determined kiddos!! Ha! :)

It ended and of course, when they both found something better that caught their eye.   At this point, we were a few hours away from D coming home from a few days away on biz trip, so I really wasn't in the mood to get up and help fix the conflict...so it helped that they did it on their own by losing interest and finding something else to do. ;)

Now that Daddy was back with us...YAAAY!!...we decided to stay close to home and head out to Chuck E Cheese for the FIRST time since living here.  It's funny because this is the first time we've hung around town for a family outing like this...we usually just run errands or go to one or two restaurants...but when we head out as a family for a day of fun, we always go down to the city.

C was excited because all her friends at school talk about Chuck E Cheese all the time.  When we first walked in all she was saying over and over was, "It's is SOOOOO beautiful."  LOL!!

Then we sat at a table while D ordered our pizza.   Their faces cracked me up...SO much stimulation going on!! :)

C's first ride of the day...she rode it 4 times in a row!! :):)

Then while she was off with Daddy playing, I kept this guy occupied with the tokens.

Luckily this game was right by our table, so Luca got to experience the fun! :)

Then it was my turn with C and she was SO funny while riding this ride.  She had her hands on those remotes and it was causing her to move in all directions and she was like, "Mommy!! You've got to get me outta here...I'm going to slip!!!"

She was pretty concerned as you can see.  Thank goodness she made it to the end without slipping!  ;) ;)

Then we hammered some sharks!! OH YEAH!!!

Luca got his turn to ride.  We think he liked it!!  But, I'm pretty sure he was more like, "What in the heck's going on???" than..."THIS IS SO FUN!!"  the entire time.  :)

C's last game of the day....she did pretty awesome with those basketballs. ;)

And this guy ran around like mad trying to work every game that was his level.  I have no doubt that they'll both be excited whenever we decide to head back to Chuck-E-Cheese-land again. :)

We got C a water balloon kit and her and D blew some up together.  They found something COOL to do with them...rub them to make static then place them on your head and they'll stick to your hair!! C was a big fan!! :)

Then I ended the weekend with some ME time!! I can't thank my hubs enough for giving me a few hours to myself to paint and just calm my mind.  Oh this was heaven!! Especially after a few days of being Mommy all by myself.   SO SO needed!!

I just can't paint at night because I'm SO tired from being mama all day.

I'm hoping to do this every weekend...because, yeah, I'm such a better mama when I nourish myself in this way....SO.MUCH.BETTER!! :)

So tell me...

What did you SLOW DOWN +  SAVOR this weekend?

Until next time...

Life IS so so good...SAVOR it up!