{Simple Things Sunday} COLORful Flowers

If you saw my Friday Bliss List, then you already know that it was my birthday last week and my hubs surprised me with some colorful flowers.  I have to be honest, every time I see these flowers in the store, I'm always turned off. Just because I know they're not natural and they've put some dye in them to get them this way (the water turned pink as soon as I put them in a vase and now the water is a deep purple...hehe!). But, I was grateful for my hubs thoughtfulness and that he's totally picked up on my love for color.

I had a few moments to myself while C was playing on her own and I thought, why not take some pictures of them.  Oh wow! Did I have some fun.  I now have a new found love for these flowers because they were so fun to photograph and edit.  They just brightened my day.  Sure they're dyed, but they really are so simple and they  lifted my mood in so many wonderful ways (and that's what I LOVE about color!).

  Until next time... {life IS colorful}

I've joined Rebecca and her Simple As That Blogfor some Simple Things Sunday Photography Fun.That means every Sunday I'll be linking up with Rebecca and her blog sharing a simple things photo that happened during the week.  I just love how it keeps you looking for the *simplicity* that happens throughout the week.  If you'd like to join in the simple things photo fun, check out the link here and be sure to check out all the other simple things photos that linked up!