{Slow Down Mama!} Breakfast Outside

How many times have you QUICKLY made breakfast for you and your family and then ate it SO FAST so you can start your day? If you answered many times and a long time ago, you're not alone. These days you'll find me in my kitchen scrambling to get food ready so I can tend to Camille. Then I'll sit down and eat too fast so I clean up and get her ready for her next activity.  Before having her, I wouldn't scramble as much, but there were times that I could have gone slower.  If you've been reading my blog you know that I'm trying to find more ways to slow down and savor the moment. One area I'm working on is when I'm cooking and eating my food.

After making breakfast this morning, I looked at the beauty outside and decided to eat outside on my patio. This is the first time I've had breakfast out there since moving here.  I brought out Camille's high chair and it couldn't have been more peaceful.

The singing birds, the bright blue sky, the cool breeze, and the rays of the sun helped me calm down and enjoy the moment.

While feeding Camille, I took deep breaths and filled my body with nourishing Vitamin O (oxygen) and smiled while I fed her and myself.  I smiled at buddy boy just waiting for food to drop on the floor for him.  Can you see him in the right hand corner?  He's such a stinker! :)

It was neat to watch Camille enjoy eating outside as well.  She'd eat, look around and talk her 14 month old talk. This filled me up with so much joy while I ate.

I sat back, smiled more and soaked it all in. (Even if it wasn't for as long as I'd like. You never know what will come next with a toddler. She was ready to play in no time!)

What a perfect way to start the day, slowly!

Want to have a slow down breakfast?  Try these tips:

  • Can't do this during the week? Try it on the weekend.
  • Don't have a patio?  Sit outside on a blanket in your backyard.
  • Have too many kids?  Teach them early to enjoy nature and sitting outside.  The more they see you do it, the more they'll want to do it.
  • Have a park near by? Take the whole family and have a nice meal outside.
  • Don't have the time in the morning to eat? After you're ready for your day, carve out a few minutes, go outside and take a few deep breaths and soak up the beauty of nature right before leaving.  Or, do it while walking to your car.
  • Can't do it the morning?  Start with lunch.  At work all day?  Go outside for your lunch break, or, have dinner outside.

The number way to slow down is to go outside and BE with nature.   It'll do your body, mind and soul good. I promise! Once I began reconnecting with nature, my entire world shifted in so many positive ways: I appreciate the beauty of nature more than ever. My monkey mind is more tame.  I give thanks for the littlest things in my life and I live life more slowly.

When's the last time you ate your meal outside in nature?

{life is beautiful}