{Slow Down Mama!} Slow Down Movement

photo from weheartit.com

I'm excited to share this post today! You know how I LOVE slowing down, right!? ;) And, you know how hard this can be for me, too, right!? Well, I wanted to share some slow down organizations that I love and follow and an a-maz-ing slow down TED video.

First,  Slow Food.  I loveloveLOVE this organization.  They're all about disconnecting with fast food and reconnecting to local, seasonal foods.  Really learning where food comes from and supporting local farmers.  Definitely check them out!  They have organizations all over so you can join in on the slow food fun!

Second,  Slow Movement. This is another favorite because it's a movement that is all about slowing down with connection. Connection to food, people, places and life!  It's filled with everything slow.  How cool is that?  If you want to know which cities are slow, this site will tell you.  Currently the cities in Italy have joined forces to get slow.  Um, yeah, looks like I need to visit Italy soon! My mother and father in-law do live Germany! Hmmm.... :)

Third, Slow Down Now.  This site is VERY cool.  I love how they call themselves the International Institute of Not  Doing Much. Wow! I SO need to go there! :)  The great thing about this site is that it's filled with articles on slowing down.  It's a wonderful resource for learning tools on slowing down in all areas of life.  Pretty cool!

And, lastly, I want to share this TED video. Scott Stratten (you can find him here and here) shares some great personal stories on how important it is to slow down. It's only 20 minutes. So if you get some time, it's totally worth the watch. It's pretty powerful and moving. Everything he says toward the end is something I've ALWAYS believed in. And, it's funny because I started to do this with Camille. We cut back on activities and are just BEing together doing nothing! Check it out if you're interested.

I know how hard it can be to slow down in our fast paced world. But just adding in one thing a day can help (and even that can be hard).  It does get easier.  If you find yourself going to fast, just pull out one of your nifty slow down tools and start where you left off.  Slowing down is truly a journey, and definitely not a destination.  :)

What have you done lately to slow down?   Wanna know what I did? Last night I chose to turn off everything electronic early (8:30 pm) and go to bed.  I've actually been doing that all week and I need to keep it up.  My brain feels SO much better! But, I'll tell ya, it's SO not easy to do that! I'd love to hear what you've been doing!

{life is slow}