{Doodle Calm Thoughts: 5/21} Slow Down...Savor Fall!

{I've made a commitment to put ME (yes, ME!!) first on my "to-do" list so I can calm my thoughts while tapping into my creativity for the next 21 days. Read why I'm doing this here.  And if you wanna join me in the calming fun, come on over to my Facebook page and share what's happening for you and post pictures of your doodles, too!}

Day 5: Slow Down and Savor Fall

Sooooo...last night...totally CRAVING painting.

My mind kept saying,"Just doodle in your art journal for a few minutes so you can watch TV or listen to music...it won't take as long as painting."

But my heart, my inner voice, my inner FEELING said,"Paint!" over and over again.  So that's what I did and it felt SO good (oh, and one thing I have to mention...if I wasn't doodling, I'd probably never take action on listening to my inner voice - doodling helps me hear the messages and take action on my self-care without any left-brain to-do's to take over...awesome, awesome stuff!)!

I realized that right now I just love the way painting FEELS.  It's flowy, light and doesn't need any pressure from my hand to make a color darker or lighter.

Now, don't get me wrong.  I absolutely LOVE doodling in my art journal.  But with Aunt Flo's upcoming visit, I can tell I just want the calm of painting - the lightness of holding the brush to the canvas and blending colors with ease.

And that's exactly what happened when I painted this last night.  Too not think much about what to paint, I ended up using a doodle from my art journal that I did a few months back.

It's amazing how this one called to me.  It just felt right when looking through my journal.

After finishing, I realized that it represents fall, but at the same time it represents spring (and maybe even summer) and I had no intention of painting it for that reason.  I just wanted to melt into the pleasure and colors of painting, not paint with the intention of creating something fall-like.

I even added flowy swirls at the end to create blowing-in-the-wind-kind-feel. Whoa! :)

Looking at it complete, I knew exactly why I chose to paint with those colors that FEEL calm to me.  I live in a southern climate where it is fall, but the weather still feels spring-summer like (which I'm NOT complaining about). And it totally came out in my painting.

I love it when that happens.  My right-brain guided me to paint my current seasonal environment.  


And I think it's my right-brain (well, I know that it's my intuition...inner guide...inner voice...because that voice comes through when doing right-brain activity) reminding me to slow down and to not fall pass me by...because I see how that's exactly what's happening right now since I'm busy with Lil' C, the leaves aren't changing like they do in Virginia, it's still pretty warm outside and I can't believe Halloween is on Monday! O.M.G!

So, thank you, right-brain (intuition...inner guide...inner voice)!  I needed this reminder...BIG TIME!!

I'll be slowing down and savoring what fall in the south provides. Promise! :)

Until next time...

{life IS colorful}

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