Taking A Painting Break

Remember on Monday, when I shared my weekend savors with some of these images???

Well, ever since last weekend I haven't stopped thinking about these painting activities we did.

You see, I struggle with some major passions of mine.  I'm sure, if you've been following me, you've noticed how much I switch things up around here.

The main reason WHY I change SO much is that I'm always trying to make decisions based on how I wanna be a mother to my kids and wife to my husband.  I want my children to see their mom loving life and doing her passion.  And, on the other spectrum, I want my children to have a calm, happy and present mama.

So I spend a lot time trying to figure out how I can mix the two because both mean a lot to me!!

I had chosen to focus more on my photography here on the blog, and wasn't sharing doodling as much, but, while painting with C, and every time I paint with her (or I paint by myself), everything I know about the BENEFITS behind mindless-creative activity, or what I like to call, doing creative activities like a TODDLER would do, always unfolds right before my eyes in my daughter and has my insides bursting with "gotta paint more and share this painting message more" thoughts at the same time.

Here's why...

Like I said in the last post, C had a MAJOR meltdown over her Daddy and I trying to trim her nails.  Which, had her asleep VERY early that night, which allowed me some time to paint. (it's been way to long for me!!)

But, what I didn't mention, is that hours before, she had another meltdown because her Daddy and I weren't playing with her right when she wanted us too.   That lead to some yelling at us, which then led us to trying to teach her the right way to talk and also to not throw her toys (yes, she did this, too!).

After she calmed down some (this took us over 20 minutes to get too), I finally suggested to her, once you pick up your toys and you choose to talk nicely, we can go and paint your pumpkin.

WOW!  The words, "paint your pumpkin!" was the best thing I could have ever said.

Her frown immediately switched to an energetic, happy smile and her whining went from, "OK! YEAH! Let's paint my pumpkin!!" and then she jumped off the couch and picked up her toys happily.

There was not one whining fake tear while she painted.

Then, before I knew it, she was laughing and telling me stories and you would have never known she was just SO SO upset at her Daddy and I.

I ended up grabbing some paper so I could just play along, because deep down I really wanted to paint, too, but I wait until I get alone time so I can really reap the amazing benefits, because usually I'm up and down with getting more materials for her and bringing her masterpieces over to certain places to dry.

I did write her name on her pumpkin, though! :)

We continued on with just paper and I showed her how to paint a pumpkin and then her imagination started to blossom more on her own.  I usually don't tell her what to paint, I just let her be the guide.  Then, if I'm painting beside her, I just do what she does, this way, she doesn't go into comparison mode and then ask me to paint things for her.  I want her to use HER imagination without any right or wrong way...I just want her to BE in the activity as SHE would like to be.  (Because she'll get plenty of rules in school)

But, here's the best part of all, she always...ALWAYS...sings while she's painting.  And I can't help but smile because the same thing happens to me when I paint, too.

I always find myself starting to hum a song which always...ALWAYS...turns in to me actually singing the song out loud.

So that night...after her "don't trim my finger nails" meltdown, I was GRATEFUL that she was in bed early...like 6:30 pm early.  This rarely happens...she's an 8 pm bed time girl and sometimes 8:30 pm, so, usually, by this time, and after I get settled in for the night, it's 9 pm and I have no desire to do a thing except go to sleep.

So this night was PERFECT!!! I had an inner desire to get out my paints and was super excited to do so!

I had already began this painting a month ago, so I just played with it some more.

I went over the colors and mixed and blended (something I LOVE doing and something that ALWAYS calms my mind and melts my stress away!!) and then I went over the lines one last time and then added dots, like I always do.

When I was done, I was SMILING!! And C's fingernail trimming meltdown...totally forgotten.  For me, when my kids have their meltdowns, it can take me some time to not think about it anymore (like LOTS of time...even hours!!).  The energy from it can be hard to shake off and it can leave me feeling exhausted, frustrated and STRESSED and that's NOT good when another meltdown occurs!!

So being able to play with this painting, it was a reminder of WHY I do doodle and doodle paint and WHY I'm SO passionate about it.

After I cleaned up FEELING happy, relaxed and oh, so calm,  I popped some popcorn, put it in a bowl and cuddled up on the couch with D and watched some of the Emmy's.  I was feeling light, naturally energized and having no thought of the multi-tasking, overwhelming mommy filled day that I just had.

Yes, mommy life is a JOY...SO much JOY...but it's also filled with non-stop demands from my littles and life.When I paint, all those demands melt away faster than anything else I've tried; yoga, guided mediation, sitting still in nature, slow walks outside, exercise.

I can't even tell you the last time I popped popcorn and happily sat on the couch next to my husband to watch the Emmy's!!!  OMGosh!!  (and, all those shows they were winning awards for...I haven't watched ANY of them because I've been buried deep in taking care of little kids land...lol)

Ever since I became a mom of two, as soon as both kids are happily sleeping for the night, I just wave and say goodnight to D and then crash in my bed...until I'm woken up in the middle of the night by C saying "MOM! I NEED YOU!!"

Right now, I'm feeling an inner desire to paint more. This happens a lot since I've found my inner creative, doodling self a few years ago.

My days are filled to the max with multi-tasking mommy duties and I'm in dire need of some stillness...creative stillness that is!

I'm also having the same inner desire that I ALWAYS have to figure HOW I can combine my love for savoring life through the lens with my love for painting like a toddler and mindless-creativity here on my blog which means it's time for me to RELAX and SLOW DOWN with some doodle painting because my mind is on overdrive.

Since my ME time has been SO very limited since becoming a mom, I can only pick one or two things to choose from; blogging and sleeping have been my two of choice.  And, on top of that, mindlessly surfing facebook and blogs, too.

I need to take a mental break so I can start to feel refreshed and more connected to ME again.  

So, if you don't see any posts for the next two weeks or so, I'll be using my time to paint.  It's the number one way for me to feel more calm, relaxed and more connected to my true passions and I've been neglecting it. (Wanna join me???)

And, the best part, I'll still be savoring it all because, yes, I'll be taking pictures of everything I do so I can share all the benefits that came about from it all.  Because, what I know for sure...many...MANY...amazing benefits will be had.

I may pop in from time to time, but just know, I'll be tucked away doing some major "painting" self care and I'll be back reporting on it all once I'm done.

I look forward to sharing all my thoughts, ideas, messages, photos and doodles with you all.

Stay tuned!

So tell me...

When's the last time you painted like a toddler?  I'm talking NO rules...just YOU...your favorite colors and your favorite doodles?  Or, when's the last time you actually painted something??? Do you remember how you felt AFTER?  If so, I'd LOVE to hear!!  Because, I have a feeling you felt VERY different from when you first started...and I'm talking a GOOD different! :)

Life IS creatively awesome...SAVOR it up!

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