The Day She Turned Five (and I'm back)

Well, hello!! It's been awhile!

After a summer of spending time with my kiddos and then C starting Kindergarten this past August, and then me, really wanting some down time, I'm finally feeling a bit settled and ready to write and share again.

Now that big sis is in school full time (more of our transition on this soon...for both of us!!) and little bro is still taking 2 hour naps, I finally have 2 full hours to myself, 5 days a week. Woohoo!!!

It's been 3 years since I've had time like this to myself.  Oh my gosh! There's nothing more nourishing to me than a quiet house!!  Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!

At first, I didn't know what to do with myself, but then, soon, after, I realized, that this IS the year that I'm going to nourish myself with self-care.

I've been sitting still in my quiet house, reading inspiring books, doodling and I even started doodle painting again.  I know, more than ever, that this year is my time to go within.

And so far, I'm loving it!!  So, SO needed!!

Two days before C started the big K on August 5th, she turned 5.  We just had a chill day and took her to Chuck E. Cheese, her request.  She's SO into Harry Potter, so most of her presents this year were Harry Potter themed.  She was excited!!

She was up early and waited patiently to open her gifts.

Hooray!!  Everyone's finally ready!! :)


Let the presents begin!!

A Harry Potter wizard wand!! YAAAAY!!!

And a Harry Potter cloak!!  Woohoo!!!

And, of course, we had to let him try on her new Harry Potter glasses.  CUUUUUTE!!!!!

When we got back from a day out with Chuck E. Cheese, we dived into the big 5cake!!

She waited all day for her cake!!

Yum! Yum! 

It sure does feel good to BE 5!!! :)

Especially with lots of cake!! :)

With Hermione, Ron and Harry cake toppers, too! :)

Next up....the day he turned 2! :)

And, yeah, mind is blown that she's already 5!!

Also, for some flashback fun, check out the day she turned 4.

Until next time...

Live life's the only way to truly savor what you love (and capture it, too!)