The Joy of Playing with Fall Leaves

I have every intention to blog here on a consistent basis.Every fiber in me wants to be blogging, every day.  But, in this stage of my life, home, taking care of my two little kiddos, leaves me pretty exhausted by the time both are tucked into bed, fast asleep, which then, has me tucked into bed right after, which then leaves for very little time to update the blog. My heart misses blogging here on a consistent basis, and my heart misses taking pictures with my BIG camera, too (more on this below!), so I've finally decided to give myself two days a week to blog consistently.

As of today, I've chosen Tuesday and Thursdays to be my "official" post a blog post days.  In order for me to do this, I have to have something set in stone.  If I just say, "oh, I'll blog whenever the time comes," doesn't really work out so well for me.  (And if I miss day, that's OK!)

Last Spring, I was blogging every day of the week.  I LOVED it, but then summer came, and my kiddos needed ALL of me.  And these days, my kiddo's are my #1 priority.

Then, C started Kindergarten, and then I told myself to just do NOTHING, when Luca goes down for his nap.  And that's EXACTLY what I've been doing.  During this time of rest and stillness, I've become more clear and connected as to what I want to pursue (beyond motherhood).

I picked up my BIG camera again a few weeks ago and I was jolted with my passionate energy that always comes through from behind the lens.  I miss connecting to this SO much.

But, what I've come to connect with even more, is that I'm NOT someone who "thinks" about what kind of pictures I'm going to take before I press "click" to capture a moment.

I'm someone who takes pictures based on how I'm FEELING within.  When I SEE something that makes me STOP and puts a HUGE smile on my face and then I go and grab my camera.  This is the only way I know how to capture the moments that I do.

I'm not looking for light, trying to figure out composition or focusing on camera rules...I'm just focusing on capturing the moment, how I see it happening right in front of me.  Sure, BIG camera rules are needed, and I've learned how to take my pictures on manual, but my first rule in my picture taking is that it MUST move me from within first.  Then lighting and settings and composition come second.  

And last week, this is EXACTLY what happened.

My in-laws were here for Thanksgiving.  The Wednesday before, I was in the kitchen, getting all my ingredients ready for baking a pumpkin pie.  I was ALONE in the kitchen.  Kids were outside with their Grandmother and my husband and his Dad were out at the store.

I was in HEAVEN!!  It's been SO long since I've baked (or cooked!) in a nice, quiet kitchen, with no little kiddo's asking for a drink or a snack or me having to leave the kitchen to help bring peace between two siblings who are fighting.

I was literally in tears because I connected with how much I LOVE to be in my kitchen in this way (I had thought I had lost my love cooking, but after this moment, I sure haven't...oh, thank goodness!!).

While gathering the sugar, the canned pumpkin puree, cinnamon, nutmeg and pie crust...I looked out the window and saw my kids giggling and smiling BIG while gathering all the leaves that have fallen on the ground and throwing on each other.

I immediately STOPPED and SMILED and knew, deep within my gut, that I had to STOP what I was doing, grab my camera and go out there and just BE and WATCH and SNAP them while they were BEing filled with SO.MUCH.JOY!!

This is a moment, I knew, was exactly WHO they are right now, in their little, teeny, tiny lives and it was a moment I truly wanted to SAVOR and NOT miss.

Out I went, with my BIG camera and snapped and watched and just soaked in the JOY that they were spreading.

Ya just never know what's gonna happen next year, as they grow one year older, if they're gonna BE this EXCITED to play with the leaves (and be super happy when they throw them on each other, too!).

Sometimes, living down here in Louisiana, I can look at the leaves at this time of year, and think, man, they don't even compare to the fall leaves up in Virginia, and it can make me sad that we don't have the vibrant colors that I experienced while living up there.

But then, when a moment like this happens, that makes me STOP, SMILE  and fills me with warm, happy tingles, that I'm reminded that it doesn't matter where you live to experience JOY no matter what.

My kids could care less if those leaves were vibrant in color when they fell to the ground.  All they thought was "lets go have some fun in leaves" and that's EXACTLY what they did.

Every day, my kids remind me of what matters most in life and what's truly most important...and that's to let go and laugh more, because there IS so much FUN to be had in life!!

And, every day, I thank them for that!!

Because, for me, what it all comes down to life slow, so I can truly savor what I love (and capture it, too!).

So with that, I hope you're still here with me and I hope you're continue on here with me as I begin to blog more on consistent basis on savoring life through the lens.  Because, what I know for sure, after my few months of doing NOTHING, is that I'm here to be a savoring life photographer in which, I use my skills and talents to inspire and touch lives through the life 'as is' moments that I capture.

Thank you for being here!