How This Doodle Helped Me Organize My Blog Content for 2014

Yes!!! This doodle, right here, helped me organize my blog content for 2014!  O.M.G!!!!!  :):)

But, first, lemme tell you the back story.  I did this doodle yesterday, during my little bit of ME time that I get when my oldest is at pre-school in the morning and my little guy is taking his morning nap.

I like to call this my "doodle break" time.  Because it's SO freakin' refreshing and amazing at the same time!!

But, the night before yesterday...does that even make sense? ;)  I felt an inner desire to do some research on how to organize my blog content.  I don't know why...I've taken e-courses and have read SO much info on blogging,  you'd think I'd have this down like the back of my hand now, but right now, I don't.

I've been pretty disconnected from my blog and the direction I wanna take it and the content I wanna share since having baby bro that this night I just felt a pull to see if I could find something that's been written about on how to easily organize your blog content. (because I'm SO ready to stay consist with sharing over here because I LOVE it!!)

Well, guess what?? The first hit that came up on google was a blogger whom I love, Elise Joy.  Oh thank you Elise for sharing the best blog content post ever!!  It was just what I was looking for.

After I read it, I was like,  "Yes!! I'm doing it!! It's perfect and right up my alley!!"

But, then my thoughts went to..."Oh man, I don't have post it notes  and I don't have a bulletin board or even a big I'll have to wait a bit to get this going." And then I went to bed (but still pretty excited that I found her awesome inspiring blogging share!!)

So the next day came, which happened to be C's first day back at school from the holiday break.  I sat down for my doodle break.

Not even one minute in from starting the doodle I had a very loud intuitive thought that said, "I WANNA GET VERY CLEAR ON MY BLOGGING SCHEDULE...LIKE ELISE JOY."    

And then I stopped my doodle and wrote it down.

When I doodle, or do anything mindless, just for fun and play and doesn't have a need for a perfect outcome, intuitive thoughts start blossoming.  Because of that, I always have my pen in hand to write down those thoughts so I don't forget them.

Amazing...AMAZING...stuff comes out that helps me figure things out or gives me an idea on how to move forward with something or even just gives me the answers to the question...what in the heck do I wanna pursue and do in my busy mama life?????

The reason that is, is because this type of activity connects you to your right brain...the area that is present, whole, intuitive, positive and filled with abundant thoughts.  

The left side is very analytical, can be worrisome, keep you in stressful thoughts and is making sure your to-do list is being checked off.

Oh, we need both of these wonderful hemispheres, but, it's sad to say, that as we grow into adulthood, our left-brain gets more love and affection than our right.  

So when you play like this, you're letting your right brain come out and say hello, and when you do that, powerful...POWERFUL...things happen, because you're starting to balance things out.

But, let me remind you that when I first started doodling for mindless fun and play my thoughts weren't thoughts that seemed very intuitive like this.  

My thoughts were very loud and clear, but they were saying, "UH, WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? YOU CAN'T BE DOODLING LIKE A CHILD...YOU HAVE SO MAMY OTHER THINGS THAT NEED TO BE DONE...THINGS THAT ARE WAY MORE IMPORTANT THAN DOING blogging, checking email, laundry, getting dinner ready, putting away laundry, unloading the dishwasher, reading business books, cleaning the toilets and, the best of all, YOU SUCK!! YOU AREN'T CREATIVE!!  THIS DOODLE IS UGLY!!! YOU CAN'T DRAW!!!  WHO ARE YOU KIDDING!!  JUST STOP AND GO DO SOMETHING MORE PRODUCTIVE AND MORE MEANINGFUL IN THIS WORLD!!!"

Oh man, just reading that over makes me smile and laugh...because I had those constant thoughts all time when I first started doodling and they still do pop up.  It takes about 5 to 10 minutes to calm those thoughts down and even longer if it's been YEARS since you've done something like this (and if you're like me, you probably haven't done something like this Kindergarten)

But, the more I give my mind some mindless, creative fun, the faster my "you suck" thoughts calm and the more they blossom with what I really wanna pursue in my life and the more productive and passionate I become.


So I finished my doodle, with 30 minutes to spare before having to get ready to pick up C.   My mind just wanted to relax a bit more and DO nothing (like maybe just watch some Vanderpump Rules), but my inner pull was still strong  and tugging at me to just try and figure out my blog schedule right then and there.

So I ended up saying, "JUST DO IT!!" (even though I didn't have the exact supplies Elise showed in her post) and I went into the garage and grabbed C's big drawing notebook pad and some of her big painting and coloring sheets.

Next thing I know, I'm making a huge calendar by hand (and yes, my left brain was having lots of fun telling me how horrible those lines looked and how I didn't have every box perfectly spaced out...but they weren't as loud as they usually are and I kept doing it anyway!!) and I'm adding in my current posts that I've been doing.

Then I got stuck (for a moment).  I really wanted to have ideas for every day, like Elise, that way I have all my ideas written out for days I need ideas or for ideas on where to pick up again if I haven't blogged in a few days.

My plan is to blog once to two times a week, but if I do more than HOORAY! :)

So I had some boxes left open and I sat there trying to figure it out.  Then I went to my notes and looked at my blog and more intuitive thoughts began to flow again.

Before I knew it, I had all the days filled in with ideas...and more kept coming and I wrote them in (because if I don't write it down ASAP I'll have soon forgotten them because my mind will be SO focused on all the multi-tasking demands of motherhood).

And then, right before my 30 minutes were up to go get my daughter, I excitedly hung up calendar and ideas next to my computer (messy and all!!) andI smiled BIG!!!  I did it!!!! :)

I couldn't believe my sight because I'd been stuck in my head for months trying to figure this out.  I didn't think  it would be up on my wall ready to go!!

THIS.FEELS.AMAZING!!!!  And, yes, I NEED this (left-brain) structure!!  But, I couldn't get here without the help of my right brain.

Cooooool, right?? :)

The only reason why I was SO motivated to JUST DO IT!! was because of my doodle!!

It's amazing the things you start accomplish...things you wanna do...things that bring you joy...things that fill you with passion...start to guide and direct your life all because you gave your left brain a break by being a toddler again and doing some hands-on, colorful fun! 

And that's WHY I doodle, friends!   The benefits are a mile calms, relaxes, energizes and fills you with desire, passion and motivation to pursue what matters most to you.

And that's why I'm here sharing it with you.  This creativity message doesn't belong tucked away a and hidden.  It's meant to shared and shining it's light with all who want to hear it.

So be on the look for more because I'm SO SO SOOOOOO excited to share!!  (which I'm sure you already know that!)

So tell me...

Have you ever done anything creative that made you feel more motivated and energized than ever?

Life IS creatively fun...SAVOR it up!

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