This IS a GREAT Reminder to...

live in the moment...or at least, remember to come back into the present moment (often!!).

Yesterday we took Lil' C to the zoo.  We have a membership, so we were able to pass all the lines and get a stamp and head right in.

Some time had passed and all of sudden Lil' C was talking about a butterfly.  I just agreed with her and said, "Yeah, butterfly!"

Then she brought her hand up and I realized she was telling me her butterfly stamp on her hand was disappearing.  

I said to myself, "Our stamps are butterflies?" as I looked down at mine.

I had no idea!   

I told D, "Isn't it amazing how kids can bring us back into the present moment.  We adults have SO much more think about. We truly are in our heads most of the time. I mean, it makes sense.  Kids don't have to think about bills, jobs, errands, cleaning, cooking..etc.  They just live in the present and focus on everything that happens in that moment around them."  (He didn't know the stamp was a butterfly either)

Obviously, when I got my stamp, I didn't pay attention because I was too busy in my head and SO not in the moment when my stamp that was placed on my hand.  I just looked at the guy and walked on to so I could get our "zoo day" started.

Lil' C didn't miss it for a second.  

I tell ya...some days I think I am living more present than I used to, but after seeing this yesterday, I can definitely use more practice.

I'm SO grateful I have my daughter here to remind me.  

As you can see in the picture above (it's hard to tell) her green stamp is smeared.  But, I'm thankful that something this small (both stamp and 2 year old) came into my day to remind me to get out of my head and live in the moment!  OH, and her Daddy was giving her some ice cream...and playing with her at the same time. :)

Until next time...

{life is beautiful}