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This IS Why I Doodle!

This IS Why I Doodle!

With my pregnancy coming closer to an end, I've noticed that my thoughts are starting to go on overdrive.  I still have so much to do and prepare for baby brother, and it's hard to get much done during the week while taking care of C.

The other morning, I knew my thoughts were definitely STUCK in left-brain (to-dos, worries, anxious...) mode while sitting outside on the patio with C.  And because of this, I KNEW I needed to doodle.

So I went inside, grabbed my colored pencils and art journal and sat at the table.  Not even 2 minutes later, I felt a shift...a calmer shift. My breathing was slower.  My worrisome and anxious thoughts lessened and I felt so much more at ease.

5 minutes later, C joined in the fun with me.

And before I knew it, we were singing our coloring song and laughing.  I was able to finish my doodle and all felt right in the world (finish product is displayed up above AND can you see C's red mark that she made? hehe! And, yes, this is my go-to doodle that ALWAYS helps me FEEL more calm in no time).

As I put my supplies away, I said to myself, "Yes!  This IS why I doodle!"

If I didn't know the benefits of what doodling does for an anxious mind, I would have still been sitting outside not paying attention to C ride her tricycle because I would have gone deeper and deeper into all the to-dos and worries that were flooding my mind.

Doodling is the EASIEST way to get unstuck in those thought patterns.  Because, I'm sure you know, it's VERY EASY to stay STUCK in that thought pattern for quite some time.

So, yeah, I forgot them all and ended up having a nice and calming day with C.

And, check this out...just in case you think I'm nuts when I say doodling is the most awesome way to calm the mind and feel less stressed...check out this awesome testimonial I received on my 3 week, Create Calm with Doodles, eMail course.

I so enjoyed taking the Calm Mama Doodle course!  I found that the emails were a refreshing break to my day. I was a little bit skeptical that doodling could ease stress but once I started, within a few moments of swirly colors, I began to feel light and happy. It was fun and I looked forward to the next exercise. I especially liked the symbol quiz. My stepdaughter and I bonded over a doodling exercise together and I continue to doodle away the blues regularly. I highly recommend Renee's doodle course to anyone looking to brighten and boost their outlook and get back in touch with their personal creativity. This course is sure to spark your creative fire and teach you a few new and fun tools to manage stress. Try it! You will be glad you did. I am! Thanks Renee! 

:: Kristina, amateur doodler, wife, newly stepmom, nanny, reiki practitioner and roller derby girl ::

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