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This Mother's Day I'm Reminded

This Mother's Day I'm Reminded

This Mother's Day I'm reminded...

That I'm SO very grateful that these two littles of mine chose ME as their mom.

That the LOVE I have for my kids only comes with FEELING...not words.  When you truly LOVE something, you FEEL it with warm, happy tingles from head to toe which leaves you feeling uplifted, energized, alive and SMILING.

That through all the ups and downs of being a mom, especially with all the very limited ME TIME, that at the end of the day, there's SO much more to life than crying and whining.  Like spiders on the patio making their webs, slugs on the driveway that are walking to their homes, mushrooms sprouting in the grass, the heart that represents Valentine's Day on the billboard on the Interstate, picking out your snack with your favorite TV character on it and that rocking on the rocking chair and just being held is the best feeling in the world.

That SHOWING my kids LOVE is SO much more important than focusing on the fear of not parenting right.  Wanna read a parenting book?  Nah!! Don't need it like I thought I did.

That making decisions based on what the heart truly desires is SO much better than making decisions based on worrisome and fearful thoughts, because it helps you stay connected to everything you LOVE and lets you yell out, "I LOVE PURPLE ICE CREAM!!!" in the middle of the store without a care in the world who hears you.

That sitting around the house and doing absolutely nothing is truly the best because it's these days when every princess dress you own is worn, butterflies and hearts are painted on your face, walks out in nature where squirrels and birds are seen and the warmth of the sun is felt, baby rolls, crawls and talks are beginning to happen and the love between a big sister, baby brother and their mommy and daddy blossoms and grows more than ever.  Which, in the end, is so much better than being busy-busy-busy and driving to store to store with a hungry baby and a fussy toddler who needs a nap ASAP!

That being present with each other, truly listening to what one has to say, watching what one is doing and having fun and playful conversations is so much more important than connecting with social media on an IPhone.  When eyes are focused on the phone in hand, dance parties, building castles with blocks and scribbling with your favorite colored crayons on paper are missed out on, which ALWAYS makes your inner child super upset because it SO badly wants to come out and play.  Adults can be BIG kids, too, ya know!  Life is SO much better that way!

That it's SO healthy to let meltdowns out...to release them...cry them out...stomp feet...hit a pillow rather than keepingthem in and letting them manifest in our minds and bodies for hours and hours on end and then snapping at anyone who comes and tries to have a conversation with you. Uh, who wants to live like that???

That tickling brings out the best laughter and giggles which IS the best prescription any doctor could write up. And the sound of laughter and giggles...a sound that can loop all day, every day...don'tcha' think?

That imagination is so positively powerful and we should NEVER disconnect from it because it brings so much joy and fun to every day life. The FEELING that comes with wearing a super hero outfit or telling everyone your name is Tarzan is pretty freakin' awesome and a sure way to bring more laughter into life. Oh yeah! I think so!

And that living in the present moment is the number one way to truly experience life in all its beauty.  Because, isn't that the way life is meant to be lived anyway?  Kinda hard to do when its lived in the tape that plays over and over in our heads every day and night, right?

My kids have made me a better person. They've helped me connect more to myself than I ever thought was possible and they've shown me exactly what my true purpose and passions are in life, something I wasn't too sure of before my mama life.

They've helped me to STOP and SAVOR all the sweet details that life surrounds me with on a daily basis, especially when my days can be easily focused on stress and overwhelm and have me labeled as the "multi-tasking" queen.

C and L, you've both helped me to reconnect with the true joys of life and how important it is to allow myself to slow down and savor every colorful second of it.  If it wasn't for you, I'd still be running around like a very serious faced chicken with its head cut off (well, I still do this) and would have never truly allowed myself to become more aware of just how important it is to stop, smile, laugh, savor, enjoy and love life, just as it is, right here, right now, in this very present moment.

On this Mother's Day, I'll be remembering all these reminders, and, most of all, I'll be remembering to live my life, like both of my kids do, truly SEEing and SAVORing life as it happens right in front of me every single day.  

That's the best mother's day gift I could ever receive.  This year and all the mother's days to come!

Here's to all the beautiful mothers...including my grandmother, whom I miss dearly and who's always with me in my heart and soul, and my mother, who if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be here right now, and who both have inspired me to be the mother that I am today. And to my husband...if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be a mother right now and I thank him SO much for that!!  ;) ;)

Happy Mother's Day!   ((love hugs))

Until next time..

Life IS what you love...SAVOR it up!

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