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{Inspire Me} Stop and View the Beauty

{Inspire Me} Stop and View the Beauty

When's the last time you stopped and took a picture of something that REALLY moved you? When's the last time you wrote about how you felt about that picture that created a meaningful moment for you (and,I don't just mean labeling the picture with the place and date)?

Since living in Virginia, I have a new love for capturing the beauty of the seasons with my camera. The other day I noticed leaves had actually fallen under our one tree in the backyard and I got excited (I didn't think I was going to witness falling leaves here in Louisiana).  I grabbed my camera and began shooting away, but I couldn't help but notice how brown they were. I kept wishing they were vibrant in color, like the one's I was spoiled with in Virginia.  And, honestly, at first, I didn't think these leaves for pretty.

As I took more and more pictures, I did begin to see the beauty! Instead of quickly snapping the picture so I could catch the seasonal fall moment and practice photography, I began to notice how beautiful the leaves are in this moment in time, even if they aren't vibrant orange, yellow or red.

After finishing, I uploaded my pictures to my computer, and I began to see the real beauty of brown leaves even more.

Here's what I saw:

  • The distinct lines on the leaf and how they create a beautiful pattern to make this leaf unique from other leaves on different trees.
  • The way the leaf folds over and is lighter than the side facing me.
  • How it lays so delicately on the green grass.
  • The way the sun reflects on the leaf, creating a burnt orange color.
  • The way the sun reflects on the grass, creating different shades of green: light (lime) and dark (forest)
  • The bokeh in the background creating more fall flavor to the picture: greens, browns, yellows.

Here's how I felt:

  • Connected to nature.
  • Appreciation for seasons.
  • Realized with all the changes that occur outside everyday that I can sometimes forget to notice because I'm very distracted by what's going on in my life.
  • Appreciation for CHANGE! Everything changes in nature every year and nature doesn't put up a fight.  This reminded me that when change happens in my life that nature is taking it's course and it's meant to be.  Change is good!  (And, believe me, I know all about change since becoming a military wife.  And it can be hard at times).

Here's my inspiration for you:

Take a picture of something (anything!) that really moves you (or look at your past pictures) and begin to view them in detail with your beautiful eye.  You don't have to have a fancy camera to do this either: Use a DSLR, a point and shoot, your cell phone camera. View them on your computer and/or print them out, and then write about what you saw and how you felt (and don't forget those labels, too! ;) ).

As you keep doing this, you'll soon discover that you're creating the most meaningful and beautiful photo album that you can look back on for years! An album guaranteed to make you smile and appreciate what life has to offer!  Is that awesome, or what!? :)

Here's to inspiration! Cheers!

{life is inspiring}

See anything else in my picture that represents beauty to you? I'd love to hear what you see that I may have not! :)

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