Wanna Blog with Passion? This Course Will Help!

First, I'm SO excited to share with you that I'm featured on my favorite blogger, Liv Lane, I'm Choosing Beauty,'s site today.  


Because I took her How to Build a Blog You Truly Love Course last fall.  Or, otherwise  known as #BBTL in twitterland (do a search with that hashtag and you'll see all the goodness being talked about on there about the course!).

You see, before connecting with Liv and her course, I really wanted a clearer vision/clearer guide on how to really get my blog rolling smoothly.

I read books, articles...anything I could find that would help clear the decks for me, but I still felt stuck.

I REALLY love writing on my blog.  I REALLY love connecting with you on my blog.  And, I REALLY love what the blogosphere is doing these days and I REALLY, REALLY want to be apart of it (in my own unique way, of course!).

So when I found Liv and learned more about her course, I was immediately hooked.  

Not only does Liv's blog speak to me in so many ways when I read it, but  having her lead a course on blogging was going to be awesome in itself.

AND, not only was I going to get all of Liv's awesomeness, but I was also going to get the awesomeness of 20 contributors throughout the course as well. Um, Heck Yeah!!!  Wanna know why a heck yeah???

Because the majority of the contributors I've been following for quite some time and I absolutely LOVE them. Contributors like SARK (LOVE!! and mentor of mine!!), Michelle Ward (who is one of my mentors and I took her Declaration of You ecourse!), Jessica Swift (who ran the Declaration of You ecourse with Michelle - great ecourse!!), Christine Kane (another mentor of mine), Kelly Rae Roberts, Aimee Dolich from Artsyville (I absolutely LOVE and admire and I have some of her work in my office), Amanda Oaks from Kind Over Matter (LOVELOVELOVE!!), Andrea Schroeder from ABC Creativity (again...LOVE and taken some of her courses, too!).

I mean, WOW!  I love all of these women. They're celebrities in my world (and Liv, you're a WOW! too and a celebrity in my world, too!!).  So yeah, I signed up.

((SO.MUCH.INSPIRATION. in one course!!))

But, having all that inspiration, I had no idea how much more I'd truly connect with my inner-authentic self. 

From the very first post I was hooked (Liv has this way of teaching her course that makes you feel like she's talking just to you in a coffee shop).

I found myself giddy like a little girl waiting OH-SO-VERY-PATIENTLY for the next lesson.  I couldn't get enough of what Liv and her contributors had to say.

As the course went on, I finally felt like a big brick was lifted off of my shoulder with trying to figure out the "right" way to blog.  

The one brick that lifted was when Liv said, "Before your blog can feed others, it must feed you first."  

That one sentence hit home and literally changed everything for me (with the help of Liv guiding me to my real purpose behind my blog and how I wanted to connect with my readers by entertaining, informing and inspiring them!).

I'd see other blogs and I'd compare and notice how their blogs truly represented their passions and what they were giving to the world.  I wanted to do the exact same thing, but I'd find myself struggling on how to be like the "others". 

Well, after taking Liv's course, I finally threw in the comparison towel because I connected with clarity and finally saw how my blog needs to BE ME! And by that, I mean, I finally connected with what lights me up, what makes me FEEL GOOD, what ignites my passion for life all while keeping it real and not just showing a world that's filled with rainbows and fairies.

Liv guided me to be more real and authentic and to just truly be me in a way that feels the most comfortable for me.  Forget the rules and just do what feels right to ME!

I wrote my very first authentic post, called My Yin and Yang Life.  Which goes perfectly with my message behind The Calm Mama - because I'm definitely not a calm mama 100% of the time. :)

I reconnected even more with my passions - food, photography and doodles - and now know 100% that these 3 passions are what feed my soul and how I want to help feed others as well. 

Because of that connection, I fed my soul by doing a blog series called Doodle Calm Thoughts and {Picture the Holidays} where I connected with my passion for creating more calm in my busy mama life with coloring and photography.

I rebranded my site completely - in a way that truly represents everything I am now. And,  I came up with a new title that represents how I stay calm as a mama - with those three passion of mine - food, photography and doodles.  

I've taken many, many ecourses, and Liv's is the first one I've ever promoted or blogged about.  :)

I'm still learning (I'm always re-reading Liv's) and I even signed up to be apart of the course again.  

The reason being is because last fall I worked on my blog so it could feed me first, before it could feed others.  Now I'm ready to learn again and take it a step further...a step that now feeds you! :)  

So if you want to take your blog up a notch or want more direction on how to connect more of YOU (your true authentic self) into your blog or you just want to start a blog, I highly recommend taking Liv's course.

It starts today!  No worries if you're late...she gives you plenty of time of catch up!

And, remember, not only do you get Liv's awesomeness (and her easy to understand material and her guide to creating your very own blogging blueprint) but you also get the most amazing, creative, fun and successful contributors as well, oh and not to mention, a closer look into what YOU are truly passionate about and then being guided on how to get your passions out there in the most authentic and unique way via blogging!

If you'd like to learn more about Liv's course, check out all her information here.

Until next time...

{life is passion}