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Weekend Savors | No Mama Break + Keepin' the Kids Happy

Weekend Savors | No Mama Break + Keepin' the Kids Happy

Because the week is filled with hectic schedules and not as much family time as I'd like, I love love LOVE to SAVOR our family togetherness and family moments that I LOVE through the lens on the weekends. This is the most special time because we're all together the entire weekend and being with my family (and capturing it all) is my number one passion of all. :)

This weekend, I savored (through my iphone lens), a weekend that D had to work through it all and I was SUPER tired and just wanted to sleep the entire weekend because D worked super late every single day this past week.  Yeah..he has a big trial coming up. Boooooo!

But I sucked it up and tried to keep my kiddos happy through it all.  Because, if your kids are like mine, things don't go so smoothly when they want and miss their Daddy.

This right here, is pretty much my life with these two munchkins right now.

Big sis singing at the top of her lungs, and baby bro, running around all over the place. :)

C was excited to see this HUGE carpet cleaner that D brought home after a long day of working. She wasn't quite sure of it.  She especially didn't understand why the Halloween bucket was out when it wasn't Halloween. ;)

Once D had it up and running, she was pretty freaked out by how loud it was.  So I hung in our bedroom and she kept running back and forth to me, which helped her get over her fear. :)

Here she comes!!!

There she goes!!

Then we watched the Final Four hoping our team would win.  Thank goodness we have these kiddos to keep our spirits high when our team isn't doing so well. GREAT SEASON GATORS!!!  :)

I just couldn't help but SAVOR this moment across from me on the couch. :):)

Sunday, D was off to work early.  C thought it was school day and was asking me why her school outfit wasn't laid out on her bed.  It's amazing how she knows that school days are the same days as when D is at work.  She was sad not go.  :(

To keep her (and her bro!) happy, I pretty much let them play on the patio the entire day. Major bliss for them!! :)

After I bent down to SAVOR this moment...

Luca ran over to me and I was trying to snap the both of us together.  I was SO happy that Camille said, "I wanna get in the picture, too!"  And then this magical moment happened.


The best part of all...if you look closely, Rusty is right there with us, right above Luca's head. Every day he sends me comforting signs like this. Every day! And I NEED them.

I'm still grieving a bit and it's hard not having him around us when we're all together like this.  He was NEVER not around us all.  So this just shows me that he's still with us...all the time! :)


I'm thinking I'm gonna start doing Selfie Sunday over on Instagram. I really wanna get myself in front of the lens more with my kiddos!

Taking this pic really got me motivated to do just that, every Sunday. We shall see!  Wanna join me? Use the hashtag #selfiesunday with me. It'll be fun!

Or, if you wanna do it for 30 days straight, check out my friend Tracy Larsen's selfie challenge she's doing over on Instagram.

Lots of women are joining in her fun, too! Especially if you're a project lifer. :) 


"Look Mommy!! We're mixing!!" 

And then this little guy does what boys DO best!  We have to keep our dining room chairs laid down on the floor like this because he'll climb them and I can't keep my eye on him 100% of the time so this just keeps my mind calm.

It actually works out GREAT because it's become his own little jungle gym. :)

SO happy that he did it!!  He ran over and gave me the biggest hug!!

Then he ran back and did it all again. SO fun!

D was back for dinner (YAY!!) and he was grilling outside.  I had to keep little guy inside, that way we didn't have any hot grill accidents.  Well, he wasn't very happy about this.  :(

Because his crying seemed like it was lasting forever, I finally went out with him and I blocked the grill.  Then C found a bug on Luca's pants and this became their focus for 20 minutes or so.

I'm not a big fan of bugs, but I sure do LOVE moments like these...moments of REAL LIFE things that completely intrigue my little love bugs. :)

(all iPhone pics edited with the PicTapGo App)

Life isn't about continuing to move as fast as you can to get everything checked off your to-do list.  Life's about allow time for living slow and truly BEing present with the ones you love and all the beautiful color that surrounds you.  It's about SAVORing what means most to your heart.

So tell me...

What did you SLOW DOWN +  SAVOR this weekend?

Until next time...

Life IS so so good...SAVOR it up!

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