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{Weekend Savors} A Wig, Painting Fun + Stillness

{Weekend Savors} A Wig, Painting Fun + Stillness

Because the week is filled with hectic schedules and not as much family time as I'd like, I love love LOVE to savor our family togetherness through the lens on the weekends. This is the most special time because we're all together the entire weekend and being with my family (and capturing it all) is my number one passion of all. :) 


This weekend, I savored (through my iphone lens) C getting an Ariel (from the Little Mermaid in case you were wondering who Ariel was...lol) wig while out on the town with her Daddy. He sent me this picture while I got some chill time to myself while Luca napped.  And, yes, Ariel is her favorite princess right now and she wants to be her for Halloween.  Awww! :)

We mellowed out the rest of Saturday and watched our GATORS beat TENNESSEE!!  Woohoo!! (Sorry if you're a TENN fan)  But, I really didn't watch much of it because I was helping C paint a pumpkin...

and another pumpkin, the lanterns from the movie Tangled and her, Luca and me.  I LOVE watching her paint SO much!!

Saturday night I got off the hook with putting C to bed...she asked D to lay with her.  She's still afraid of the dark and monsters, which means, we're still laying with her while she falls asleep.  But...usually she only wants me to lay with her so that's why I'm saying I got off the hook.  lol.

I love laying with her, but some times, I do wish she was ready to do it on her own so my night to myself could start a little sooner.  ;)

So this night, I sat in the dark with our new fall scented Yankee Candles lit in SILENCE!! It was HEAVEN!! (Great way to welcome the first day of fall, too!)

On Sunday, we had a little meltdown moment with C because she hurt her toe nail.  So there was much drama to be had while trying to trim her nails.  But....this happened about 6 pm at night, which had her asleep by 6:45 pm.  WHOA!!!

I was SO excited because I had the energy and excitement to finish a doodle painting that I had started a month ago.  Usually I'm SO tired by the time I can sit down all by myself and paint, so I only do a little bit before crashing.

Last night, I was able to play and finish!  It was THE BEST!!  C's meltdown...yeah, I couldn't even remember that it happened.  I felt CALM, RELAXED and oh-so happy!!  I was reminded how I ALWAYS feel this way after I doodle paint.  It's AMAZING!!


So tell me...

What did you SAVOR this weekend?

Life IS beautifully fun...SAVOR it up!

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